Thai boxing world champion abandons life in Germany to fight for ISIS in Syria

A two-time world Thai boxing champion has fled Germany to fight for ISIS in Syria where he has admitted attending the terror group’s barbaric public executions.

Valdet Gashi, 28, who is married with two children and lived in the state of Bavaria claimed he joined the bloodthirsty terror group to ‘help and to look for answers.’

Gashi revealed that he is currently working for ISIS by patrolling the Euphrates River looking for smugglers in an area between Membis and Jarablus near the Turkish border.

  • irishrus

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  • DD_Austin

    it’s so nice (and stupid) of Germany to make it so easy for this creep to go off on a
    jihad by supporting his family while Hubby is off hacking heads and raping children

    Deport them back to Turkey where they belong

  • BillyHW

    He’s going so that he can rape countless little non-muslim slave girls.

    Why do we let these sub-human animals into our countries in the first place?