Austria stops processing asylum requests amid EU row

Austria has stopped processing asylum requests in an effort to pressure other European Union member states to do more to help absorb waves of refugees pouring into the continent, the country’s interior minister was quoted on Saturday as saying.

Vienna needs to “stop the Austrian asylum express” and become less attractive to refugees relative to its EU peers, Johanna Mikl-Leitner told Die Presse newspaper, renewing her demand for other countries to adopt fixed quotas for taking in asylum seekers.

“So far there have been only isolated declarations of intent that do not bring us further,” she said ahead of a planned meeting of interior ministers from the 28-nation EU on Tuesday.

Last month the European Commission proposed to ease pressure on Italy and Greece, which are struggling to deal with thousands of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean in flimsy boats from Libya, through an emergency scheme to redistribute 40,000 Syrian and Eritrean asylum-seekers throughout the EU…

  • ed

    how about making harbouring or assisting these third world parasites a new criminal offence ?????

  • Achmed

    Racists! I know of about 50 million of my brothers and sisters from North Africa and the Middle East who are waiting to travel to and enrich Europe.
    Stop the illegal boycott by Europe. Allow the flotillas of people wanting to travel to do so. After all Europe was first populated by people coming out of Africa and the Middle East and it is only natural for these people to demand their human right of the right of return to the land of their ancestors like Sweden!

    • ntt1

      It is thought they interbred with the Neanderthal populations in southern Europe and the middle east before becoming the first Europeans, simply make this a requirement for new comers …-problem solved

      • Rosenmops

        Excellent idea!

    • Rosenmops

      Settle down Achmed.

  • pop

    Achmed can live there, but, we won’t associate with you in our lifetime.

  • pop

    50 million enrich Europe, it will end up like your shit box hell hole country.

  • Millie_Woods

    It wasn’t that many years ago that Europe produced its own refugees. Now they have to import them from Africa and the Middle East.

  • By all means, rescue these wretches from the sea. But think twice about resettling them in Europe. The people a democracy receives become its future rulers. Choose wisely.

  • Shebel

    This is an ideal opportunity to test those mini-drone subs.