Three Muslim A-level students threaten to sue college for stress after they were suspended ‘for sending an email to pupils accusing teachers of Islamophobia’

Three Muslim A-Level students are threatening to sue their college for stress after they were suspended in a row over Islamophobia.

Tahyba Ahmed, Humayra Tasnim, Sumayyah Ashraf, were slapped with classroom bans after sending a four page email to all staff and pupils at NewVIc College in Newham, east London, criticising a decision to cancel a discussion on the Government’s new counter-terrorism policy.

…In the email the students, aged 18 and 19 years, are said to have accused the college of championing Prevent and made various demands, including that the college make a statement criticising the strategy, according to the Independent.

…The trio have been allowed to return to the college to sit their A-Level exams.

…The trio were suspended on May 22, the same date as their classes finished ahead of exams.

  • Whiners.

    • Frau Katze

      There’s a lot of that about these days.

    • terrence

      Part of what it means to be mooslime

    • Clausewitz

      So let me get this straight, they can impugn someone’s character without any real evidence and they think that there should be no repercussions. Only Islamists and assorted lefty idiots can follow this line of reasoning.

  • Martin B

    “The trio have been allowed to return to the college to sit their A-level exams”

    The only place they should have been allowed to return to is Pakistan.

  • pdxnag

    We are from IS and we are here to help you (or behead you).

  • P_F

    Just counting for the moment UK declares itself a Protectorate of Islamic State.
    We like it or not but it’s bound to happen just when is the question.

  • Same old dance.

    Have them publicly defend themselves sans face coverings.

  • WalterBannon

    hang them.

  • pop

    As iftheyre interested in terrorism?

  • pop

    It’s not up to students to determine subjects taught.

  • eMan14

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  • bob e

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  • Barrington Minge

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