Rape culture, Rotherham and double standards

Douglas Murray:

Freddy’s blog on the so-called ‘rape culture’ that we in Western democracies are all meant to be struggling under reminds me of an unwittingly important moment on BBC3 last year.  It was provided by our colleague James Delingpole when he appeared on something called ‘Free Speech.’  This is an almost comically appalling ‘yoof’ programme which I did once from an ice rink in Doncaster alongside a Page 3 model and Owen Jones.

  • cmh

    rape culture is not american, it’s african

    • It’s Muslim in the UK.

      • Frau Katze

        The audience sound like they have brains of a flock of sheep…at best.

  • There is a culture of banality and of sexualisation of children, not that those who deny that Islamist rape gangs exist will acknowledge that or anything. Their de facto support of anything that is not the West and the terrible things that those cultures bring must either be denied or white-washed.

    Never under-estimate the power of a leftist’s ego.

  • bob e

    heart breaking. absolutely astounding that the english can bury this..