Amanda Lindhout kidnapping: RCMP arrest Somali national Ali Omar

ali-omar-aderAli Omar Ader

Ali Omar Ader, a Somali national alleged to have been part of the 2008 kidnapping of Canadian freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout and her Australian colleague, was arrested in Ottawa by RCMP, police said today.

The RCMP allege he was the “main negotiator” in the hostage-taking of Lindhout and Nigel Brennan.

Ader, 37, has been charged with Sec. 279.1(2) under the Criminal Code, and is in custody in Ottawa.

Lindhout and Brennan were held near Mogadishu on Aug. 23, 2008. The RCMP said Friday it began a criminal investigation named Project Slype at that time.

Lindhout was released on Nov. 25, 2009, after more than a year in captivity. She has written and spoken extensively about the abuse she endured during that time…

  • cmh

    please understand our tax dollars went into to the baiting, importing, putting on trial, and the pre and post care and control of this filth. not to mention the seditious behavior he will exhibit (as part of his duty to allah) related to inculcating other inmates to take up the cause of islam whilst here. sickening. demand an end to the purposeful importation of suspected criminals.

  • I am sure that the rest of the kidnappers live happily in Toronto.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘She has written and spoken extensively about the abuse she endured during that time…’

    In other words, she’s cashing in on her own stupidity and ill preparedness.

    You go, (stupid) girl!

    ‘Inside the horrors of 15 months in captivity’ (check out her smile, eh)….

  • P_F

    What’s next for this scum; Canadian Citizenship with a few million dollars in compensation coming his way??
    The way things are going in Canada honestly I won’t be surprised if this happens.

    • terrence

      He will get an Odor of Canada if the NON Democratic Party or shiny pony gets elected (Odor is NOT order misspelled).

  • Edubeat

    Man he’s a babe! No winder he made it to the CSIS/RCMP all-ugly team!

  • ontario john

    When Mulcair becomes prime minister we won’t have to worry about terrorism anymore. He will be holding peace conferences with every muslim terrorist group on the planet just like white feather Jack wanted to do.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    I certainly feel for the girl but what in the world was she doing going voluntarily to this toilet of a country –
    Good intentions maybe but these left wing moonbats have got to use some common sense-

  • WalterBannon

    memo to RCMP: take him out back behind the station house and just shoot him..