Turkey’s AKP Blames Election Result on ‘the Jewish lobby’ and ‘Crusaders’

…President Erdoğan toured the country from one rally to another and asked the Turks to grant him 400 deputies – who would then rewrite the constitution to pave the way for his elected sultanate. Instead, the Turks gave him 258, 142 fewer than what he asked for…

…Still in shock, their intellectual trolls claim that Turks voted the way they did “because the imperialists intervened at the ballot boxes.”

They ridicule themselves even more cruelly than before while “the other” Turkey, in amazement, ponders whether to mock them or pity them.

One “brightly yellow” newspaper said the election results were a plot by a union of neo-Crusaders who wanted to stop Mr. Erdoğan’s soon-to-come conquest of Jerusalem…

  • simus1

    Our “Jewish Lobby” and “Crusaders” have achieved maximum success in the Turkish elections that was far beyond our wildest dreams. If our operatives can now convince “dogman” that he was betrayed by Emperor Barry, the path for his removal as an insane incompetent will be wide open.

    • marty_p

      Wow…Mazel Tov….take a bow…we are 2 for 2 … we screwed the PQ in the referendum and now the Turkish elections.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Thanks to Erdogan’s stupidity, an Israeli-Kurdish alliance may be just around the corner.