Schools can monitor pupils’ online activity with ‘anti-radicalisation’ software that flags up key phrases including ‘jihadi bride’ ‘jihobbyist’ and Yodo – you only die once

Schools will be able to monitor radicalisation of pupils online using new spy software which detects key words used by extremists, it has been announced.

The technology can be installed on school computers to pick up phrases popular with jihadist sympathisers such as ‘YODO’, which means ‘You Only Die Once.’ Also in the glossary of alert terms are ‘jihadi bride’ and ‘jihobbyist’, which describes someone who supports jihadist organisations but is not an active member.

Up to 40 per cent of secondary head teachers are expected to adopt the software, which is an upgrade of existing anti-bullying technology already used in their schools.

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    And the monitored students wouldn’t just change the phrases? – Denyse O’Leary, Ottawa

  • tom_billesley

    “YODO”? Definitely not after Hindus.

  • ed

    9 am to-day Bradford west Yorkshire 14 year old paki schoolboy stabs a male teacher [ he is in hospital with serious injuries] paki-tard with sudden jihad syndrome still on the run [ hey police check the local mosques !

  • just a thought

    Suppose they misspell Yoda? And what about “Jedi Bride?” (Here she is with her bride maids)

    But seriously, how are they going to discuss contemporary events? Oh, wait, kids don’t do that any more, even as (and I might add, especially not as) homework assignments. Nevermind.

  • mauser 98

    ..from 2010
    ……..schools watch students in there bedrooms
    School Administrator Boasts About Spying On Students Using Laptop Webcams

  • Martin B

    “…an upgrade of existing anti-bullying technology”

    The best anti-bullying technology is an old-fashioned punch in the snout.

    • just a thought

      Or the gut. Leaves a lasting psychological impression, with less chance of alerting school authorities.

  • Alain

    And who will be monitoring the spies? I find this outrageous in the home of the Magna Carta, but then it has been going in the that direction for quiet some time. Furthermore and more importantly is that you do not need this to deal with the problem. Stop importing them and start applying the rule of law to all who are already there. I am just sick and tired of governments using the excuse of Islam, which was caused by the same governments, to trample on every single freedom and liberty we have left.