Jihadi wars! How the rise of ISIS has ‘ripped Al Qaeda apart’

Al Qaeda is no longer a functioning terror group after being ripped apart by the rise of the Islamic State, the group’s two most prominent ‘spiritual leaders’ have admitted.

Speaking from Jordan, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi – widely considered the world’s most influential jihadi ideologue – and Abu Qatada, said ISIS has drained Al Qaeda of finances and recruits.

With the group’s prestige and global influence having taken a serious pounding over the last two years, Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is only managing to keep Al Qaeda alive with desperate pleas for loyalty after being cut off by commanders, the two men confessed.

  • The Butterfly

    But what have you crashed into skyscrapers lately?

  • just a thought

    So, Obama’s strategy for defeating Al Qaeda worked after all?

    I wonder how he’ll deal with the unintended consequences? ….wait, what? ….they weren’t unintended? ….oooooh dear!

  • Alain

    I find it ridiculous that anyone obsesses and focuses on any particular Muslim group, because the name or label matters not in the least they are all exactly the same. That was why I thought the “war on al queda” just as silly as the “war on terrorism”. Unless and until countries focus on the vile ideology of Islam, it is wasted time, resources and the lives of their military and police.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Al Qaeda has become so 2001.

  • cmh

    it must be true, it looks like his zabiba is shrinking…

  • David

    al qaeda, the moderate terrorists.