Israel denies any link to reported cyberattack on Iran talks

An Israeli deputy minister dismissed as baseless reports Israel may have had a connection to a computer virus that a security company said was used to hack into venues linked to international talks on Iran’s nuclear programme.

Russia-based Kaspersky Lab said on Wednesday it found the spyware in three European hotels that hosted negotiations involving Iran and six world powers and also on the company’s own computers.

Both Kaspersky and US security company Symantec said the virus shared some programming with previously discovered espionage software called Duqu, which security experts believe to have been developed by Israelis.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Let’s suppose this is all true. It could in that case been avoided by giving Israel a seat at the conference table. The result might have been a better, more airtight deal that the one Obama is poised to huckster.

    • just a thought

      You don’t expect the Iranians to sit at the same table with Israelis?!

      Oh, wait. That WOULD have solved the problem, now, wouldn’t it have? 🙂

  • John

    That photo was taken in Iran. You can tell because Mid-East tastes are so gawdy every fancy room and reception area looks like the waiting room in some old parisian whore-house. Those drapes and candelabras are too tacky even for Liberace.

  • It could also be the Americans snooping on the Iranians (e.g. private conversations in elevators) or vice versa or someone else like the Russians. If it was the Israelis – well done!