Greenfield: The Rise and Fall of Al Jazeera America

When Al Jazeera America was announced, the Qatari propaganda network was riding high.

Once known as a dump for Al Qaeda videos, the Arab Spring had allowed the House of Thani to project its power across the region, toppling governments and replacing them with its Muslim Brotherhood allies.

Qatar had been notorious for its ties to Al Qaeda, but those connections had done little for the oil-rich oligarchy.

The Muslim Brotherhood however handed Egypt over to Qatar. And Al Jazeera’s propaganda had been widely credited with supplying the images and messaging that made it happen…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As I have said previously on this, Al Gore cleaned Al Jazeera’s clock.

  • eMan14

    I guess our fears about the sell were unfounded. The market did indeed take care of things.

  • bob e

    they did a nice job on libya with barry o’fraud, hillary, susan rice, samantha
    power .. gotta have that pipeline thru syria ..

  • David Murrell

    Tony Burman, former head of CBC News, went on to head up al Jeezera English. He had a lot to do wiith putting al Jeezera where it is today.