Getting naked on a mountain in Malaysia isn’t half as offensive as what we let foreigners do in Britaina

The only person talking any sense about this entire case is the man who first posted the nude selfies online, 33-year-old Canadian Emil Kaminski. He criticised Sabah’s tourism minister, Masidi Manjun, who also linked the earthquake to the naked photos, branding him “an idiot” – which he undoubtedly is – and pointed out, quite rightly: “Jesus Christ, people, it is just a f****** mountain.”

  • Waffle

    I once watched the sun come up from the lip of Mount Etna’s crater. But it was too damn cold to take my clothes off. So no eruption, thank goodness.

    • Well that is good news.

      • Waffle

        It was safer and warmer to go full frontal (although I did wear a fig leaf) at the nude beach which was far away from the prying eyes of the rest of the hedonists at Le Club (Med).

    • pike bishop

      Ditto at Mt. Bromo (circa 1974). A chilly place for being on the equator.

      • Waffle

        Surreal! August 1974.

        • pike bishop

          It really is a small world’
          It’s a nice walk from the village to the rim, a once in a lifetime experience.

          • Waffle

            I can’t believe so much time has passed. Some details are crystal clear. In fact, my whole trip was unforgettable. Some highlights: Trip to Etna was an overnight excursion from the north shore Club Med at Cefalu. Our staging point was a climbing lodge about half way up.
            After dinner, we were treated to a lecture on Etna by a seismologist from the University of Catania which closely monitors Etna’s activity. We then got to observe Jupiter (which was very close that night) from the university’s observatory. We were woken up about 3 a.m. for the long, slow ride to the summit — first by minibus and then by jeep. As we ascended it got colder and colder so we were given pea jackets. Fortunately there were vents that created bubbles of warm air so you could enter one and warm up. Hard to believe it could be so cold on top of an active volcano during one of the hottest months of the year! I flew in and out of Gatwick which gave me an opportunity to visit my British relatives and to go shopping at Harrod’s where I found myself shopping side by side with Nuryev and Makarova who had just defected. All in all, an unforgettable experience!

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  • Alain

    I know this totally dates me, but I am of the old school of believing that one should respect the customs and culture of the country one visits. If one cannot do this then stay home. By the way respecting does not require one to participate in something one finds distasteful.

    • terrence

      when in Rome, do as the Romans do…

    • Canadian

      I translate that as “they were stupid.”
      If it was just a f*****g mountain, why did they have to strip when they got to the top?

      • Minicapt

        If you do not know what to do, think of something really stupid. Then bitch when your artistic efforts are panned.


  • Brian Gardiner

    “Jesus Christ, people, it is just a f****** mountain.”

    Wow, two blasphemy’s in one sentence, this guy’s not a quick study, is he?

    • Canadian

      Well, the Jesus Christ part is ok with them.