After blasphemous gay pride parade, Brazil seeks to ban ‘Christophobia’

June 11, 2015 ( – In the wake of numerous homosexual “pride” parades laced with anti-Christian profanities that have sparked outrage in Brazil, legislators are advancing a new law that will make “Christophobia” a felony.

Photos of the desecration of Christian images at the parades – an activity which is common in homosexual “pride” events throughout the world – have circulated widely in the Brazilian media and social networking sites this year. The offensive image that is receiving the most attention is that of the male to female transsexual Viviany Beleboni in this year’s Sao Paulo parade, who was portrayed as crucified on a cross seminude with a sign reading “Enough of Homophobia.”

  • Alain

    I think it is called payback time or perhaps could qualify as Karma. Those who promote phobia this and phobia that need to understand that it cuts both ways. Personally I still prefer a free society and actual free speech rights for all, but still the want-to-be tyrants need to understand that it works both ways.

  • Watch as someone spins this into a win for the beardy-weirdies.

  • cmh

    wow….does this mean that i am allowed to express my true thoughts again…. yes but only if i go to brazil

    • Are you in favour of banning opinions, providing they’re opinions you disagree with?

      • Blacksmith

        In ‘cmh’s defense he/she said express their thoughts, without hearing those thoughts I will withhold judgement. I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle. I don’t ‘hate’ them just disagree with it and don’t feel I should be forced to condone it. I do not want it ‘banned’.
        So I guess I would with hold judgement until I see if the ‘thought expression’ was just as bad as that in the pride parade in Brazil.
        Normally we are on pretty much the same page.

  • G

    I’m sure a few Brazilian god ol’ boys would be more than happy to fix the problem of anti-christian activity during fag parades (with baseball bats) if only the police would turn a blind eye for 20 minutes or so.

    Apparently the last time they tried to have a poop pusher parade in Moscow the panicked shrieking fudge packers had to be rescued by the Moscow riot police as there were several Muscovites who weren’t too happy with the spectacle and decided to make their displeasure known in a real physical manner.

  • Gary

    Barbara Hall and Wynne don’t understand that over 90% of the STR8 population has known for decades now that the Rainbow movement and PRIDE parade had a sect with homofascist haters that attacked Christians with a passion.
    The newer GayStapo thugs ( Pink shirts ) don’t have the guts to condemn ISIS tossing gays from roof tops , or , how Iran, Saudi Arabia ,Gaza, and most of the 57 OIC’s sanction the murdering of homosexuals as a favour to allah .

    The same Barbara Hall that enabled the Bigots and haters among gays is the same one that approved Homophobic / jew-hating/ Misogynistic/ pro-pedophilia Mosques in 2 PUBLIC schools ( they won’t stop at 2) .
    Then there is Susan G Cole that not only supported PRIDE for the 6 years when there were 2 Pro-hamas/Sharia groups allowed to march in it …. but this self-professed lesbian defended the Jew-hating homophobic Mosque in Valley Park school in the guise of religious freedom for all student to have a place to pray.
    She ( Susan Cole) fears the islamists in Canada as being predisposed to violence and terrorism by the verses in the quran and examples by Muhammed to fight the unbelievers for the Global caliphate run by sharia.
    The media and Cole have blamed Pam Geller for the failed Garland Jihad by muslims because Pam provoked these peaceful followers of islam by a Cartoon of their alleged prophet. The fact that they all blame the victims of terrorism for causing the muslims to snap and killing for allah is the new Soft-Bigotry of lowered expectation for muslims to see them as so prone to savagery that we must not upset them and cause a mass slaughter.

    Kinda funny though that the Gay Church in Down Town Toronto and the pro-gay pro-abortion anti-israel United Church never seem to be attack which can infer that they aren’t Christians.

  • Where does Islam stand on homosexuality? How about Buddhism? Judaism? Hinduism? Why the fixation on the Christian stance?

  • Jabberwokk

    I don’t like the anti-Christian rhetoric either but using the government to punish those different from me is not the answer. That was the whole reason so many moved away from Europe to north America in the first place.

  • DMB

    That is why the militant gay agenda wanted to legalize same sex marriage not for “equality” but to destroy and undermine Christianity.