Yazidi fighters accused of reprisal attacks in Iraq

A researcher from Amnesty International claims that Yazidi fighters allied to Shia militia groups fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) in northern Iraq attacked two Sunni Arab villages.

Residents said the militia killed 21 people in the settlements of Jiri and Sibaya, near Mount Sinjar, the centre of the Yazidi community and focus of fighting ever since it was surrounded by Isil last summer.

The Yazidis also abducted 40 people, 17 of whom were still missing, the researcher said. Half of those killed were elderly or disabled men and women, or children.

  • Millie_Woods

    Oh bother. I really wish the Yazidis had waited for a proper international investigation into the slaughter of their people before taking the law into their own hands. We could have argued for years over the number of dead, if it was intentional genocide or whether there really was a massacre at all. Then, depending on which side prevailed, we could have built a nice, but controversial, monument with some inspiring words on it, like ‘NEVER AGAIN’.

    Now the Yazidis have spoiled everything. I have to sympathize with the international community on this one.

    • just a thought

      Amnesty International is a private organization. It is not “the international community.”

      I’m not taking sides on this, either, because how that would mean choosing one evil over another. Besides, if the world isn’t ready to defend a victim, it’s got no business telling that victim not to defend himself however he chooses.

      • Millie_Woods

        If you read the entire article you’ll find references to an ‘international investigation’. I generalized based on the entire article.

        Amnesty has a history of showing up after a massacre and shooting the survivors. Metaphorically speaking of course.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope it garners as much of a shrug from the left as all the other yahoos they root for.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    (GASP!) “The cycle of violence must end!”

    • just a thought

      Are the Yazidis Jewish? Does Shamnesty International know something we don’t?

  • P_F

    Mohammedans are always the victim.

  • just a thought

    “just because someone cuts in line doesn’t mean you should hit them.”

    “They killed my son, raped my wife and burned my mother alive.”

    “Now is that any reason to seek revenge?”

    .Amnesty International have become such malicious scum.