Wynne Government Fears Jew-Hate Day Might Out-Draw Pan-Scam Games, Denies Queen’s Park Al-Quds Day Permit

Al-Quds Day Permit Denied – For Immediate Release

“June 10, 2015, TORONTO — After reaching out to Members of Provincial Parliament and gathering almost 3,000 signatures on a petition to stop the yearly ‘Al-Quds Day’ hate-rally, B’nai Brith Canada is proud to announce it has received word that no permit will be issued for this year’s rally…

“Although the Sergeant-at-Arms’ decision this year is tied to considerations regarding the Pan Am and Parapan American Games in Toronto, he must go further and take this opportunity to declare that permits for divisive hate-rallies will no longer be issued in the future. The people of this province demand no less. Those who wish to use the grounds of our legislature to promote the hateful propaganda of the Ayatollah, which can only serve to radicalize impressionable Canadian youth to violence, must understand that there is no room for targeting minority groups for hatred in the province of Ontario.”


Seriously, they cancelled on account of the Pan-Scam games.

This shows you how sick the Wynne Nazis are.

Al Quds Day Cancelled 2015

  • warrenzoell

    Elected by the people of Ontario.

  • Waffle

    So, where’s CIJA in all of this? Just askin’ . . .

  • Allan

    This is an outrageous decision. The B’nai Brith make my stomach churn. Who the heck appointed them, as Mark Steyn says, “The official Jews”? Every year I am out there protesting against the Islamists at Queens Park. Funny I have never seen any placards from B’nai Brith. They think they are so smart. Wait till the Muslim population gets big enough here. Then the walk for Israel will be cancelled for, “security” reasons. FREE SPEECH FOR ALL!!!!

    • Waffle

      Allan, you notice that the CEO might have changed, but the scribe hasn’t. L’il Sam is still churning out the same tedious press releases and he has yet to learn how to write a proper headline.

      Personally, I had high hopes for Michael, but I fear that he’s just mindlessly repeating Frankie’s memes– “The grass roots voice” of Canadian Jewry. Who do they think they’re kidding?

  • Waffle

    This is “insurance”. Heaven forbid that anything — I mean ANYTHING should detract from the Games. I understand that ticket sales aren’t going so well. Has panic mode set in yet?

    • I bet Al Quds will outdraw Pan-Scam that day.

      • zee

        And it’s probably the onyy place left that Squid Ryan can still show his face in public.

    • Clausewitz

      And they’re already talking about another attempt at the summer Olympics. So basically they’re going to blow a couple of billion so they can blow even more money in the future.

      • mauser 98

        yup ..scam more tax money to paper over their incompetence

  • cmh

    i signed that petition….i will continue to support the banning of filth such as al quds day. we desperately need to ban the filthy koran.

  • Ho Hum

    IIRC they didn’t get a permit last year but that did not stop them from assembling at Queens Park and of course police took no action against them

    • Waffle

      Refresh my memory. Was it a weasel thing and the sergeant at arms wouldn’t give them a front lawn permit, so that didn’t stop them from doing it on the back lawn.? Also, did I imagine it, or is there a similar weasel in this year’s decision — “not for this year”? Sort of puts it in the Omar Khadr “not at this time” file when he was asked if he still believed in terrorism (or something like that).

  • The people of Ontario have the snivelling government they voted for.

  • mauser 98

    everything this woman touches explodes, disaster