The genius behind ‘Headless Body in Topless Bar’ headline dies at 74

Longtime ​New York ​ Post news editor and film critic Vincent Musetto — who wrote what’s arguably the most famous headline in newspaper history — died on Tuesday.

He had just turned 74 in May.

  • dagawker

    I hope I live 75 years.

  • G

    But Musetto, a managing editor, had to fight to get “Headless Body” into the paper. He pleaded with then-executive editor Roger Wood, who was equally appalled by the crime.

    “Equally appalled by the crime”….yeah, suuuurrree, everyone knows how sensitive journalists are toward human tragedy.

    Give me a break. These scumbags were probably trampling over old people & children in their haste to get photos of the grieving relatives.

    This shitstain “pleaded” to get “headless body” into the headline. Yeah, he sounds like a prince. Who in hell “pleads” for something like that? Glad he’s dead. Should have been sooner.