Put your (Palestinian) dreams away for another day

The dreams of anti-Israeli British clerics like the Rev. Giles Fraser would not have puzzled Freud. It would be far better for fanatical critics of Israel to remember that wishing on a false narrative never gets you far, and that it is time for them to make a new start

Sigmund Freud once wrote that artists’ creations were imaginary gratification of unconscious wishes, just as dreams are. He would not have been puzzled by the disturbing dream in Nablus that troubled Rev. Giles Fraser, the 50 year old Church of England priest at St. Mary’s, Newington in South London.

We know from writers as diverse as W. B. Yeats and Delmore Schwartz that in dreams begin responsibilities and end in the shock of the recognition of reality. Unfortunately for many pro-Palestinian advocates dreams do not have that outcome.

  • just a thought

    “…wishing on a false narrative never gets you far, …it is time for them to make a new start”

    The are too heavily invested in their deception, so hoping them make a new start is itself a false narrative. Of course, if they do, that’s good for everyone. But I’m not holding my breath waiting.