Gates of Vienna: Destructivism and Pathocracy

…For destructive people, creating and destroying is the same. Except that destroying is more spectacular and leads to “success” in less time.

All “Century Reforms” of recent decades have destroyed functioning systems and replaced them with oppressive power structures and bureaucracy.

Nothing was really improved: The monetary system, education system and social system have been “reformed” into dysfunctionality. Marriage, family, nation, religion, country, culture, and not least our self-image as men and women were dismantled.

Crushing someone by telling him that he finally forgets whether he is a man or a woman was the greatest threat in my youth.

The devastation of these most basic biological human self-understanding today left-green politicians propagandize as “the main issue of social transformation” in the form of “Gender Mainstreaming”.

Not even the murderous red-brown culture-destroyers of the 20th century came up with the idea of doubting natural gender…

  • just a thought

    Maybe that’s why they show so much deference to muslimes? Until the modern Left, no one on the planet (that I’m aware of) were as destructive, both of others and of self.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    You mean calling someone a fag was the worst you could do?
    Didn’t really know any fags when I was growing up.
    When they became apparent in my twenties, and for some reason I got hit on by a few, I couldn’t have cared less.
    As John Crosbie once said, I wish that I had been so favoured.

  • Everyone Else


    The article goes on to say:

    “This process is always set in motion by powerful psychopaths and ice-cold calculating criminals who dominate politics and the mass media. The process is never started by common people who had come to terms with each other. Therefore, the culture clash against the backers inside the mainstream media and the government broadcasts has the highest priority.”

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The US is closer to fascism than communism simply because both parties are for spending billions on campaigns. They are for neoliberalism. They are for corporate welfare. They are for oligarchy. They are for military incursions into other nations. They are for gaining more control of the media and their own parties. Sounds to me that the US is going closer and closer to fascism rather than communism since communism is stateless and is based on workers controlling the means of production. The fact that markets are used is the biggest giveaway. Markets are central to capitalism. The gain with the profit motive and the law of value. Obama is just a watered down Rockefeller Republican.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      And yes these are facts anyone should know. The hammer and sickle is just moronic. The US is a right wing fascistic nation and that is proven by both parties! And yes capitalism in its most predatory kind is failing in the US, not communism or socialism!