Foreign aid, and post-colonial guilt gone mad

Post-colonial guilt is alive and well, and via Britain’s absurd foreign aid budget the UK is now about to pay, literally, for alleged crimes that it just didn’t commit. Try saying that out loud in front of a Guardian reader/ Foreign Office official

In addition to misappropriating foreign aid, Africa has hit on another scam — screwing reparations from the UK government for the atrocities committed by the beastly colonials.

William Hague opened the floodgates when he shelled out £20 million of taxpayers money as compensation to the victims of British abuse during the Mau Mau uprising notwithstanding that after the passage of more than sixty years most ‘victims’ are almost certainly dead. (We are not told whether Obama got a pay-off because his grandpappy was beaten up by the Brits — or so he says!).

Now, lawsuits are being filed by the relatives of ‘33 peaceful protesters who were massacred by British troops in Malawi in 1959’.

There is, however, a slight weakness in their case. None of it is true.