Egypt: Luxor Karnak Temple attacked by suicide bombers

Militants attacked the world famous tourist Karnak Temple in Luxor, officials said.

According to early reports two suicide bombers targeted the ancient Karnak Temple Complex on the River Nile shores in southern Egypt.

They reportedly drove a vehicle near the World Heritage Site and blew it up, after they were intercepted by security.

  • marty_p

    I bet the builders of the temple would call their descendants uncivilized barbarians.

    • Today’s Egyptians are only partly descendants of ancient Egypt. Most (Muslims) are descended from Arab invaders/colonizers (from Arabia) as of the 7th cent. The Copts (Christians) are probably mostly descendents of ancient Egypt (though probably with a mixture of Greek and Roman blood). Some of the Muslims are probably descendants of rape victims and victims of forced conversions – these too would be largely Egyptian genetically. Ancient Egypt was Hamite – the population was sort of black. I think you can probably recognize the ancestry of individuals by their physical appearance.

      • mauser 98

        absolutely…. those who built those structures are gone

      • Waffle

        That would be a big mistake. DNA analysis blows your presumptions all to hell. Outward physical appearance only indicates that SOME genes happen to be dominant, e.g. skin colour, hair texture.

        • I wasn’t intending any sweeping generalization. But having been to Egypt, I did perceive some notable differences in the population. No doubt, however, as you say, much mixing has occurred over the past 1400 years!

  • mauser 98

    stone age bastards… report bystanders have minor injuries,,does not mention any damage to structures
    was there in 07 ..incredible beauty, engineering

  • Yikes! (Been there.) Islamists are enemies of humanity, wishing to destroy anything and everything non-Islamic. Truly, enemies of humanity.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      They have destroyed Islamic things as well.

  • ntt1

    Any pre-mo architecture or artifact is an automatic target for these retards, When the muslim brotherhood briefly ran Egypt there were murmurs from certain imams to destroy the pyramids just as they are destroying Palmira right now.

  • Waffle

    The destruction is senseless. However these savages know that such sites generate tourist dollars, so they raid what they can sell on the black market (for short-term gain) and destroy the rest. But to what end? The only conclusion, I can come to is that their goal is absolute power. BTW, the same type of thing is happening in Ontario — but by a white woman.
    The psychologists tell us there are 3 motivators — money, sex and power. If you can account or dismiss the first two, that leaves only the last one.

  • Culture matters.

    I believe the Egyptians will have this matter in hand. They have no illusions that even Islamists on their side are nuts and must be taken care of.