British Veterinary Association urges shops to label halal meat after mass public outcry

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) said that shoppers had a right to know whether their meat came from animals which were not stunned before being slaughtered.

Their calls came after a European Commission survey revealed that 72 per cent of people back the labelling of halal meat.

An EU directive requires animals to be stunned, but Britain was granted exemption for religious communities.

The religious slaughter of goats and sheep rose by 60 per cent between 2011 and 2013 – and some is sold into the general market.

But John Blackwell of the BVA said that not labelling halal meat “takes away the individual’s right to make an informed decision”.



Canada needs to follow suit on this.  h/t Suze

  • ed

    halal horrific slaughter is allowed only for the consumption by mus-tards in the uk, over production is illegal ! over production now running at 78% [ed uk ]

  • Ron MacDonald

    Then all one need do is drop a couple of packages of pork among the halal meat and watch it go to waste.

  • Barrington Minge

    Why would any “normal” store even stock the stuff?
    Hi everybody. Just back from hols in the US…..

  • Exile1981

    I strongly support mandatory packaging of halal meats. I noticed that the local walmart doesn’t carry any frozen burgers anymore but halal crap so I told the manager I wouldn’t buy it because it was cruel and inhumane to the animals.

  • JaedoDrax

    This is why you need to learn about things like the difference between Kutha Meat and Jhatka meat, and ask the manager of the store if all his Halal meat is labelled as such, because otherwise s/he is discriminating against Sikhs, Hindu’s and certain Christians, since it is not permitted for them to eat meat that has been ritually slaughtered, such as Halal meat in Islam

  • pop

    Halal is extortion for consumers. You indirectly pay the price.

    I don’t want to eat halal food.

  • Ho Hum

    I wish that the Canadian government would make it mandatory to label Halal meat and apply huge fines for any violations. I suspect increasingly consumers are being sold unlabeled Halal meat as producers default to Halal in their production. For example Maple Lodge Farms products sold in blue packages looks identical to the “Zabiha Halal” products produced in the same plant. I doubt that they have to separate production lines. Non-Muslim’s are subsidizing the production of Halal meat. I have even noticed that Maple Lodge Farms “Zabiha Halal” sold in green packaging is often cheaper than the “non-Halal” products sold in the blue packaging.

  • pdxnag

    Halal fees also fund Jihad slaughter of infidel humans, in some of the most horrific ways imagined, on purpose to terrify.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There is a stunning loophole in Halal which is why the Jew haters love to promote Halal and ban Kosher.