Australians fighting for Isis are more pub brawler than average Muslim, says terrorism expert

Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis is an example of an ‘Australian’ who had a propensity towards violence, Aly said.

Australians who fight with Islamic State might have more in common with a pub brawler than the average Muslim, an expert in violent extremism has said.

As the government prepares to meet civil society groups this week to forge a strategy to fight Isis propaganda, Curtin University associate professor Anne Aly said on Tuesday there was a need to “revisit” the popular understanding of radicalisation.

Aly told the Lowy Institute that having a radical world view and actually committing violence had become conflated, and it was “not always the case” that one led to the other. “There are people who adopt those views and ideologies and continue on the path of peace,” she said…

  • Martin B

    There have been pub brawlers in Australia since not long after the First Fleet landed at Botany Bay in 1788. For some reason none of them ever felt compelled to convert to Islam and go to the Middle East to behead infidels.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      To be a pub brawler you need to drink first.

  • Bill

    So, what Aly is saying is that there is a Slow Jihad and Fast Jihad, both with the same end goal: everyone living under Sharia, but these differences are Really Important. Sure, Slow Jihad might be an immense problem for your children, or your children’s children, but it certainly beats having to cancel that European holiday next year if you had to worry about the Fast Jihad today. And what is really important is the now, and not have to worry about the long term, right?

    • Alain

      You win first prize.

  • Minicapt

    I would very much doubt that Dr Aly’s forebears arrived with the First Fleet. And her ‘expertise’ is part of the School of Media , Culture and Creative Arts.


  • Blacksmith

    The definition of ‘educated idiot’ I believe.

  • Gheri

    “There are people who adopt those views and ideologies and continue on the path of peace,”
    That statement alone is BATSHITCRAZY! What is the definition of peace, those embroiled in that ideology are not “on the path of peace” while they may not physically behead infidels & other muslims adopting the “views & ideology” means that they condone these “views & ideology” and therefore are complicit. Also peaceful is subjective to a sense that they may help the “ideology” but helping with propaganda, weapons distribution, or even giving money to the “cause” at radical mosques or organizations. This is more proof that “education” can be a dangerous thing.