Toronto police dog savages pet cat #CatLivesMatter

A Toronto K-9 police dog savaged a neighbourhood pet cat after escaping from its handler Thursday morning.

The attack happened days after the City of Toronto began a crack-down on off-leash dogs.

The K-9 dog was being trained at a vacant school near the Dufferin St. and Dundas St. W. intersection, when it broke free from its handler and chased after McGuire, the pet cat of local resident Aidan Moreau-MacLeod.

  • That’s a tough cat – she is 18! We should work more on implementing inclusivity and multiculturalism in the cat-dog relations.

    • It’s clear the Police Services are ridden with institutional Catophobia.

  • Brett_McS

    Poor putty! I wonder if the police will be prosecuted?

    Both Bella and Toby (below) clearly think that they should chase cats, but the cats themselves (Raj, Sheldon and Diddle) are all bigger and stronger than they are and have a different idea of the order of things. So it’s sort of a stand off. Anyone who has read Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K. Jerome – funniest book ever written) will recognise the scene with Montmorency and the stray.

  • Xavier

    Just out of curiosity, what would have happened if a private citizen’s dog had done that?

    • mobuyus

      The difference is the private citizen would have had a tattoo on his face, a welfare cheque and a criminal record. I am not sure but I believe, that poor kitty-kitty received prompt and Professional treatment as soon as possible.

      • Xavier

        The article indicates the police are covering the vet bills. I do think that if a private citizen’s animal had done this, they would be facing court, fines, bad publicity, and probably a good chance of having the animal put down – and the police would be extremely vocal about protecting the public from “vicious animals”. I don’t blame the animal, but I detest the double standards.

        • All very likely.

        • pike bishop

          Has anybody seen the vet bill? And the reimbursement?
          Pets are a reflection of their owners as any pet owner knows.

    • He’d be shot.

  • Rosenmops

    It was an accident. The dog was just following instinct. 🙁
    I hope they don’t hurt the dog.
    #catlivesmatter #doglivesmatter

    • Xavier

      Me too, but I do have some concerns about vicious animals loose in public areas – something we’d usually, ahem, call the police for. Not all dogs chase cats, and not all dogs who chase cats maul them.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Fuckin’ pigs!!

    • mobuyus

      I am into Porknography.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I meant, tongue in cheek like, because the dog is a cop.
        How’s the bacon body spray coming along?
        I hate the expression pulled pork.
        It conjures up images of turning Japanese.
        I almost wrote Turing there.
        Alan Turing Japanese.
        Almost as good as The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

        • mobuyus

          I meant ribs chops and roasts and of course bacon.

  • DaninVan

    Not to be judgmental here, but the cat owners share a good part of the blame.
    If the cat had been kept indoors it would have been safe. The reality is that a lot of dogs get attacked as well, Life in the real World.
    Our new neighbors have decided that since they can’t stop their cat from leaving the yard, it’s going to have to live with the consequences.

    -Bald Eagle nest…two adults and two very hungry young ones, right overhead

    -and of course the neighborhood dogs (nearly got it yesterday afternoon).

    Sure hope they won’t be too upset…

    (for the record we’re out in the country)

    • True but the Cops set this up – they hate cats.

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • terrence

    Most, if not all, domesticated cats don’t know how to fight dogs. Apparently, cats that are not domesticated will beat dogs every time. They scramble up on the dog’s shoulders, where the dog can not reach it with their paws. The cat will use its claws to hold on; if the dog tries rolling over, the cat will go after the dog’s eyes, and blind the dog, in one or both eyes. I know some folks who have seen this; they say the dog does not have a chance.

    • Cat’s can be wee bastards.

    • pike bishop

      I’ve seen it, I felt sorry for the dog.

    • mobuyus

      My Tuxedo Cat used to daily attack my King Doberman. The only thing saving the poor creature was my hand on the choker.

  • andycanuck

    Have the cops planted catnip on McGuire yet?

    • You bet and charged him with a hate crime.

      • andycanuck

        Well, McGuire was yelling, “F### you, you son of a bitch!” at the K9 during the encounter.

  • That’s weird because those sorts of dogs are well-trained.

    • pike bishop

      Well trained to “hit” on it’s masters orders.

      • This was an attempted whacking?

        • pike bishop

          Shake a tail, sit, whatever.
          I do not like being subject to the whims of a dogs nose and especially when the dog is attached to a “authority figure” with a gun.

  • pike bishop

    A well behaved dog is rightly wary of cats.
    This police dog does not fit the bill.

  • shasta

    The cat should have been on a leash. It was running wild, and the owner was nowhere near.

  • m00x .

    I am sad to see that people in Toronto are less likely to take a cat as their pet along with a dog. tell me 1 thing of a cat that you hate to keep with you? you wouldnt find a single thing. cat is one of the most harmless pets. I donno how in this world people can ignore having a cat at home in this animal loving country. I demand that the government start providing free treatment for the pets. they are our friends and family members too.