Liberal senators’ spending scandals ignored by Media Party

The Senate spending scandal has been portrayed as a Conservative problem all centred around Stephen Harper’s bad Senate picks and Mike Duffy.

  • Frances

    I’ve maintained for some time that didn’t need this fancy audit: just send in a batch of CRA auditors to enforce the same rules they hit small businesses with. This would include the “no receipt, no expense” rule, as well as the rule that a “business” trip had to be mostly business to be allowable.

    On the other hand, it is time to take a hard look at just what is the role of the Senate and Senators, apart from being the chamber of “sober second thought”. It’s too easy to be cynical: a fair few Senators had a lot to offer. Have benefited myself from hearing Sen. Anne Cools speaking on various topics; so much wish had been able to hear Sen. Eugene Forsey on constitutional matters.

    If properly reformed, the Senate has the potential to be a positive force in our country; we need to push to see it reaches its potential.

  • Gary

    I had to laugh at Wynne and her faux outrage over the Native issue for the Residential School crisis, it was enabled under LIBERAL rule at that time as Progressive and had Good Intentions .
    Just like her Homoerotic sex-ed she sees as Progressive with good intentions to benefit children even when we now know that the person involved from the start was Convicted for kiddie Porn and Pedophilia to get a 3 years sentence in PRISON.

    Wynne will now go down in History for THIS Liberal disaster in the Public schools to push the gay sex life style and attempt to normalize adult to child sex along with men2men sex prior to these kids being old enough to have sex or mature to feel lust for another person .

    Remember the native Crisis in Ontario that Bob Rae tried to blame on Harper when there was reports of bad water and poor housing on a reserve??? Rae was now a Liberal and forgot all about how he was the NDP Premier in the 1990’s and did squat at that time, he acted like this Native reserve tragedy just fell from the sky in the 21st Century once Harper dethroned Paul Martin .

    I swear that Liberalism is a mental disorder from birth where the victims have their conscience so detached from their soul that they will inflict more harm on the same people they believe they are helping from the Good Intentions.
    Welfare was not meant to be a choice in life for teen girls to pump-out babies that become Wards Of The State as they are raised on Government Housing to be poisoned from the entitlement culture among the unproductive myopic community rejecting self-reliance.
    Regent Park is another Good Intention by the progressives that played Santa Claus with OUR money at the tune of $1,000,000,000.00 while they can’t even deal with the homeless problem where this Winter a man froze to death near a transit stop shelter.

    • Waffle

      LOL!! Don’t worry about the new Chief morphing into Uncle Tom, Hizzoner da mare just threw him under the bus.

  • Tom Forsythe

    TBH, I suspect that the senate expense rules are so convoluted that it is easy for anyone to violate them without intending to. It doesn’t mean that they are all innocent, but when that many people fail an audit, it is a sign that the rules might be the problem.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      When that many people fail an audit it’s because the rules were designed as a hammer should the media so please to use it that way.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    The Liberals and Cons were doing the same thing,but the leader is Michael Duke , trained and hired by the leader of fraud at this time.