I would let the cat stay

A cat which accompanied her owner across the desert from Sudan to Libya and then on a migrant boat to Italy has file-09-file-09-1433797180241783100-(1)[1]been taken into quarantine on the island of Lampedusa after authorities promised to reunite the pair, La Repubblica daily reported on Tuesday.

The paper said the black and white cat, named Lola was rescued with her owner by a British patrol boat after evading border controls and migrant traffickers during the months-long journey hidden in a traveling bag.

  • Save the cat!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I would only keep the cat.

  • We should petition Harper to bring the cat to Canada.

  • Martin B

    Cats catch rats. We can be certain this “migrant” will never do anything so useful.

  • Waffle

    Let Lola out of the bag!! Let her stay!


  • Maggat

    Keep the cat, throw the rest out, money ahead