Ex-Greenpeace director denounces ‘immoral’ groups that campaign against GM foods

Environmental groups that campaign against genetically modified food are taking a “morally unacceptable” position that puts “ideology” ahead of the needs of the poor, a former director of Greenpeace has warned.

Stephen Tindale, who led the organisation at the height of its opposition to GM technology, said he had “decided to speak out” because he believed the technology was safe and could help alleviate hunger in the developing world.

But his remarks, in a BBC Panorama programme, will infuriate his former colleagues at Greenpeace. The group is still campaigning for GM bans across the world.

  • mauser 98

    Monsanto Paying Fleet of Trolls to ‘Discredit’ anti GMO activists

    In a conversation with students, Dr. William “Bill” Moar raved that Monsanto had established:
    “An entire department” (waving his arm for emphasis) dedicated to “debunking” science which disagreed with theirs.”

    Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/monsanto-and-others-caught-paying-internet-trolls-to-attack-activists/#ixzz3cZlo5KHo

    • just a thought
      • mauser 98

        yes.. right … must be

        • just a thought

          Thought so. 🙂

          Here’s a fun aside.
          In an article from that “journal” a story about Masaru Emoto, water woo wonk…

          Who was Masaru Emoto? One of these guys.

          Loons of a feather, and all that.

          • mauser 98

            and Monsanto is lily white innocent

            ” nicknamed the “Monsanto Protection Act,”

            “Congressional spending bill, H.R. 933, which exempts biotech companies
            from litigation in regard to the making, selling and distribution
            of genetically engineered (GE) seeds and plants.”
            ….yer on your own pal…..

          • just a thought

            My view is similar to Alain’s

            I think we should proceed with caution, but not because of the paranoid fantasies of some loon. Fewer people dying of hunger is generally a good thing, and GMO can help. But, as Alain wrote, if the govt., can regulate something as simple as a broom, why not advanced technology that does have the possibility of causing harm, if done carelessly?

            So, I’m not disagreeing in principle, just suggesting the use of more credible critics. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer earlier.

          • mauser 98

            yes, lets err on the side of caution more study on this stuff first.
            world can be fed with out GMO
            transportation, wars, politics in the way
            RoundUp Ready crops are scary .

          • just a thought


            We know that genetic information is swapped between organisms, but don’t yet know how or how frequently. It seems to me that’s one of the things we should have a good handle on before putting too much out there that might fall into the wrong petals. Another that comes to mind is how the new proteins will be processed by the consumer, and whether they represent any risk.

            So, yeah, a healthy dose of apprehension is good.

          • mauser 98

            wheat is one of them.. no big conspiracy just has been bred and re-bred for faster growth etc. and now some say it is hard to digest

          • just a thought

            I know people who can’t eat any grain product at all. It’s not only hard to digest, but can cause severe and lasting damage to the gut in sensitive people, if they don’t stop eating it altogether.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I agree food should have labeling. We need to know what gets put in our bodies and governments need to mandate this.

    Why is it that governments in Europe care so much about this, but Canada and the United States and the Anglosphere appears to be behind on these matters.

    Sounds to me like the mainstream parties in Canada just want to cater to the GMO food companies.

    Russia and China don’t even want GMO foods. They have banned them outright. We should do the same things. They alter your DNA.

    • Fred

      My retirement funds will run out if they turn me into a turtle

    • ntt1

      you have been eating genetically modified food for years it would be a better path to question the inroads unsafe Chinese food products have made into our food production lines in North America.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        It is rather easy to tell between organic food and GMO food. The hard sounding ingredients and glucose and fructose are big giveaways for GMO food. The organic food is rather simple and states ingredients such as organic tomato, sea salt and so forth. Basically anything with preservatives is GMO, while natural food will go bad sooner and is made to go bad quicker. Those images from below do show that the human body isn’t used to DNA-altering food which makes people turn enormously fat. Have you seen images that are out there showing fat mice?! It is clear that GMO food is not wholesome or food which is giving necessary vitamins and minerals. Clearly, governments have a role to play and are not doing their jobs to the fullest. They have the power to pass legislation telling us what each product states. Of course, they won’t do that! People have a right to know what they are going to eat.

        • ntt1

          glucose and fructose are fruit sugars found IN ALL fruit. All you gain with organic is poorer quality and unsustainable farming methods at a much higher cost, it really is a stupidity tax.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Organic can find niche markets by becoming more of a local business appealing to people that wish to buy fresh and organic food. There are places in the GTA where I live that sell such goods like that. As for poor quality, the foods give me a boost of energy. They taste way more wholesome and I own many cookbooks and they do make sense in being a lot more informative. If you have foods made from scratch, which are organic, you live healthier. Foods from boxes and that are fried obviously are worse. It is common sense. A lot of people from across the spectrum I feel are going in that direction. France is definitely the best country for the organic foods since they have banned GMO. Only North America is definitely for following Monsanto and wanting Hierloom seeds. I do not trust Levant on what he has said about GMOs. They are unnatural and they use pesticides. Another aspect of GMO food is they are contributing to the obesity crisis. That is because they are less wholesome thus this allows or makes people want to eat more. No wonder obesity rates in North America are skyrocketing.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Yes Monsanto wants hierloom seeds banned!

          • ntt1

            You are no different than the anti-vax crowd or the medieval peasants employing a witch detector due to drought. you vote and that frightens me.

          • Billy Bob Thornton
          • ntt1

            viewed …no wonder you are so confused.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Just like aspartame, fructose is a man-made sugar. You are better off with cane sugar or stevia.

          • Ed Ellison

            You are very confused today it seems.
            Aspartame is artificial, but fructose is a naturally occuring fruit sugar.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            The truth about aspartame – http://aspartame.mercola.com/

            And also then why did Pepsi remove it? – http://www.businessinsider.com/diet-pepsi-removes-aspartame-2015-4

            Oops wrong again!

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Sorry Ellison but I know my stuff. Many people I know avoid aspartame and fructose products. The same with white rice.

          • ntt1

            no!.. you do not know your stuff. you are badly misinformed there are no fructose products there are products that include this simple fruit sugar. aspartame is indeed a lab bench product and suspected of interfering with the firing of our synapses , literally making us dumber, You sure you aren’t snorting aspartame?

  • terrence

    If GreenPus, aka GrennPiss, says anything you can be sure the exact opposite is true

  • Alain

    I do not belong to either of the two extremist camps on this, but I ask why the refusal to identify and label GMOs. Good lord even a broom is almost covered in mandatory labelling and warnings. My point is to allow people to make an informed decision and let the free market decide.