Evening photos: Mountains and Seascapes, plus one of Death Valley

Window in Time (Oregon) by Marc Adamus. His photos at 500px can be seen here.

Canadian-RockiesBetween Night and Day (Canadian Rockies) by Marc Adamus

Alaska-flowersSo Long for This Moment (Alaska) by Marc Adamus

Sparks-Lake-OregonTranquility (Oregon) by Marc Adamus

Death-ValleyWalking the Flames (Death Valley) by Marc Adamus

  • Heart Turning Icy

    I find these posts the most depressing on this site, even more so than the actual genocide of our people and the robbery and theft of our land.

    The reason why is because the pictures show just what it is we are losing; having robbed from us.

    All this beauty that is ours, that our forefathers fought, bled and died for… only to be taken from us, without resistance, and given to those who would see us cleansed from those same pieces of earth that they died and ki lled so we could see what they saw.

    It’s heartbreaking.

  • Wow! Very nice!

  • bob e

    some a’ these look like paintings .. but it probably is not your fault, frau ..
    just kidding

    • Minicapt

      HDR processing.