Canada: Muslim civil rights group to launch online hate-crime tracker

From their website, here.

A Muslim national civil rights organization is launching an online map to track anti-Muslim incidents and hate crimes in real-time in an effort to raise awareness and encourage people to come forward with their experiences.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims says it believes many Muslims face discrimination and hate, but are reluctant to report it or don’t know how to go about it.

“Hate crime is one of the most under-reported crimes in Canada,” said Amira Elghawaby, the group’s human rights co-ordinator. “There is often reluctance to go public or go to the police, because people don’t want to bring attention to themselves or don’t think anything will come out it.”

Muslims who believe they have faced a hate crime or incident can go to the group’s website to document the event, and will be contacted by the group to verify the nature of the incident. The group will automatically update information that has been documented in police reports or in the media…

(Warning: Star link)

  • pdxnag

    Muslim supremacist rights group to document resistance to Islamic domination?

    • Clausewitz

      Track this Muzzies, Fuck You.

      • Exile1981

        You tipped a waitress 15%instead of 20% – even if you didn’t know she’s a closet muslim, that’s a hate crime.

        • Justin St.Denis

          I would leave a restaurant if an identifiably muslim person was serving. Hijabs, burkas, and beards pose a significant threats to hygiene in service industries. I also refuse to be served by people with facial piercings because looking at them makes me sick. So, no, I do not frequent many Toronto eating establishments because they do not meet my standards. However, I am willing to pay to have my standards met, and that market is well served. Money talks.

          • Exile1981

            I agree, but there will be some who are not obviously muslim and who will make that claim.

    • occupant 9

      Yep. “Islamophobia” is a scurge affecting every group threatened by the carriers of Islam. Probably going to get worse too.

  • They are a Muslim Brotherhood Front Group! That’s sick.

    I am going to report every instance of Muslims persecuting religious and ethnic minorities.

    • Canadian

      You won`t have any time left to eat and sleep.

    • wallyj180

      What about muslims abusing muslims ?

      They are all racists,sort of, who knows.

      What a f’ed up religion !!!

    • Gary

      This is the groups that Sheema Khan was with and they used the CBC to get free Air-time for Dawah as Khan also had her OP-ED in the Globe & Mail to print a ant-West story void of facts to back some claims.
      CAIR was exposed in 2009 during the FBI Terror Trial in Texas for being one of the islamic Groups that diverting ‘Donations’ ( Charity status ) to the Holy Land Foundation which ‘Washed’ the money to get it to Hamas for funding their Terrorism in Gaza and the West Bank.
      In 2006 I came across an Ad for the Muslimfest in Mississauga where Sheema Khan had CAIR as one of the sponsors , no big deal until I saw the Notation by CAIR to Muslims that their Zakat ( tithes ) is Halal to donate to the Fund Raising effort during the Muslimfest to support the victims of he Hezballah war in Lebanon.
      The ‘Victims’ of the illegal war by Hezballah were the Orphans and Widows created by the Suicide-bombers and Terrorist that got them killed. CAIR was asking for money to Fund Terrorism by-proxy which is a ruse set up by CAIR’s Lawyers .

      Also , during the Arar Inquiry I watched how Ms.Khan took the Stand and tries to push her Bogus islamophobia Survey that CAIR said had shown how 40,000+ muslims were victims of racism and anti-muslim bigotry . Once the Crown’s Lawyer dug deep into her claims it was a unscientific method where Khan admitted that they asked muslims to complain by the Alert Message on CAIR’s Website.
      CAIR had handed out Cards at Mosques with loaded questions about ‘Feelings’ of being a victim and didn’t file a compliant becasue of the lake of trust in the Police , the survey included people that could report a 3rd party claim just from a rumour that a muslims was a victim.

      The 40,000+ victims ended up as a fabricated Number from Projecting the near 500 Complaints ( that weren’t verified and included foreign student on campus) in Emails where almost 50% weren’t Citizens , CAIR took the 400,000+ muslim population and guessed at how many didn’t take the time to file a complaint .
      Ms.Khan was forced to admit that all those Oppressed muslims fleeing ( islamic hell holes ) to Canada to live in Peace had already been poisoned by corrupt Governments where all muslims presuppose the Police can’t be trusted and they too are corrupt.

      CAIR’s problem is that they are focusing on the wrong answer, they should be Petitioning the Government to stop letting in these types that come hear and assume Canada is as Evil as the islamofascist nation them came from , this means Canada is the enemy in their eyes and thus…. supporting Jihad and protecting terrorist brothers is as duty to them from the Quranic teachings to shun the unbelievers.

      CAIR change its name while Khan jumped ship , but the CBC and Globe have yet to grill Khan for why she never told them that during the post-9/11 propaganda to spew bogus hate-crime claims and islamophobia while at CAIR that she chose to not reveal her Org was funding Terrorism as proven on 2009 by the FBI .

      Canada needs an Infidelophobia Watch website for non-muslims to post the bigotry reports and hatred spewed by these Master-Faith followers that now have 2 Mosques in public schools and won’t stop there.
      One day several years back there were women in one of those black beeKeeper suits that expected me to open a mall Door for them as they stood there waiting to exit and looked right at me coming in . I paused until they showed disgust and reached for the handle , next I went to another door which must have ticked them off.
      They may think they are some master-race destine to rule the earth and blessed by allah, but they’re in Canada now and I won’t be complicit by-proxy to enforce the saudi’s Whahhabi Sharai law to accept these oppressed women and Bow to islam as a peon to serve them .

  • just a thought

    “I burned down my store to collect the insurance, and blamed the Joooos. The police investigated, and found I did it. THAT IS SO UNFAIR!” – Muckmudd al Ghoul.

    Yes, it’s true. Muslims are suffering from a combination of rapidly escalating stupidity on their part, and competent police work.

    Just look at the list of injustices.from 2014.
    Will the hate never cease?!

  • eMan14

    Does the grievance have to be true? Hard to believe someone would actually fake that sort of thing. But you never know.

  • kkruger71

    “Hate crime is one of the most under-reported crimes in Canada”
    Always love these impossible to prove or disprove “facts” the left trots out. “Only 5% of rape victims report”, “90% of domestic abuse victims don’t call police”, “75% of homosexuals are harassed at least once a month”.
    When the real numbers don’t point to a crisis, just pull some scary one out thin air.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You’ve noticed that, too, huh? Funny, ain’t it?

  • Morticiaa

    Great I have been waiting for a site to record all the complaints of hatred abuse of me by Muslims, like throwing coffee in my face and all over my coat, making false claims about me verbally insulting them, when in actuality, they were offended by my Mohamed cartoon t shirt and lied about me to the manager of the Safeway store so that I got kicked out, or in one cas at my gym, one of the muslim bitches screamed and rants abuse at me because I wore a tshirt with a cartoon of Mohammad on it and I was forced into contacting the president of the ymca to deal with the hysterical bitch, or a few years back when living in toronto, ahav ing a muslim Arab scream insults including aka ak ar and throwing a stone at my head, or a guy arunning a kiosk in the subway at higark assaulting me when I sneezed and used a Koran I was reading on the subway to stop the sneeze, or the guys on the subway in Toronto who were Islamic and harassing a gay guy so that I had to escort him from king up to a crowded part of the city at Bloor. Ora on and on and on and on
    I will make good use of their site to report all their hat crimes

  • Everyone Else

    Buried far down in The Star’s article about Muslim grievance-mongering: “According to data from 2012, there were 45 hate crimes against Muslims and 242 against the Jewish community”.

    • Exile1981

      241 of those 242 where committed by Muslims

  • wallyj180

    ” Elghawaby says because of the diversity of the Muslim community, hate crimes against Muslims can be classified under race instead of religion, … ”

    WTF, that is insanity in action.
    To say it is unbelievably stupid, to agree with it… I don’t know, maybe you deserve an award for reaching the age of majority without succumbing to self-induced electroshock therapy.

  • Exile1981

    is their a site to track fate hate crimes?

  • bob e

    this tack may be workin’ on me ..
    i might hate myself for being such a rabid
    islamophobe ..then again mebbe’ knot ..

  • db

    Telling the truth is islamophobic. Is this site gonna track self-inflicted hate crimes? Hate crimes through the use of taqiyya or kitman? Like that lying sack of excrement on United Airlines? We kafir can see right through you.
    “Hate crimes,” kind of like “assault weapons” – a 2×4 with a nail in it is an assault weapon if you assault someone with it! Now we have to ban 2x4s. Where does it end?
    Like I said, the telling the truth about islam is a “hate crime.” So be it. Keep telling the truth and damn the torpedoes. Or RPGs.

  • Minicapt

    Basically “Tell MAMA” , and probably with its 5% accuracy rate.


  • Justin St.Denis

    Muslims enjoy whining as much as they enjoy conspiring against civilization. How quaint!

  • Will they report hate crimes committed by Muslims – which are the majority of hate-crimes worldwide? Don’t hold your breath.

  • jayme

    What we see is hate is not the same thing as what muslims see as hate for example allowing pork in public places is hate in many muslims eyes.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    I wonder how many millions in jizzya, I mean government grants, they will demand annually from all or some of our various levels of government, to pay them to keep track of their claims and provide their “service”?

  • just a thought

    It should also come as no surprise that exposing their deception is also a “hate crime” against them. Go figure.