A course in Dangerous Ideas would be the perfect tonic for our dull universities

I once saw an adjunct not get his contract renewed after students complained that he exposed them to ‘offensive’ texts written by Edward Said and Mark Twain. His response, that the texts were meant to be a little upsetting, only fueled the students’ ire and sealed his fate.

  • Gary

    It’s an upside-down World because last year I did a brief demo of my acting and voice impressions for a movie buff just for some fun , I did the Court Room scene for Mocking Bird with Gregory Peck and the abused Black male framed by the State for rape because Racism was accepted at the time.
    My intention was to show them the Oppression and bigotry that kept Blacks out of most schools and destine to be the local ense or peon for cheap labour and some laughs.

    But this person fresh out of University almost went into shock and saw this a Racism and missed the whole point .
    Even when I opined about Obama they looked shocked and expected a racist rant .

    We are heading into a World that only Barbara Hall and Geobles could only dream of where Books and Movies will be burned on Campus as the students cheer while thinking that Racism is External , not a mind set from being poisoned in the schools and practised in society .
    These fascists thugs will have NO tangible history for the Yardstick to measure bigotry so they can see how they are going back to those day ( daze) with a new type of racism that they professed to hate from any person.

    This might be why the islamofascists in Canada that want Sharia law have joined the leftists progressive Jew-hating anti-West groups that are in the guise of Activists for Human Rights or Anti-racism.
    Once these useful -idiots have fulfilled their purpose, they will be the first ones tossed off roof tops or beheaded in public under sharia law .
    To some….this might not be ALL bad news.

  • just a thought

    While it’s important to know the fraud that Edward Said was, and how to dissect and dismiss his pathological lies about Israel, if anyone wanted me to take that scum-bag seriously, I would hope the jerk would be fired.

    • Waffle

      A couple of years ago, I audited some history courses at U of T. In one course, both Said and Lewis were in the Syllabus. (The prof, who was an excellent lecturer, bent over backwards to be fair and to provide a true representative sampling of the literature available). I couldn’t finish the Said book — I even forget the title. Perhaps it was his “Orientalism”, perhaps it wasn’t. I can’t remember, but I can remember whole chunks of Lewis, replete with page numbers.

      • just a thought

        LOL – quality and sincerity do make an impression.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Universities are trying to sell a product in order to make a profit. Accordingly, they are engaged in the same marketing flimflam as used car dealers.

    • Brett_McS

      Which should call into question their tax status.

  • eMan14

    The truth… common sense… free speech… just how dangerous do we want our University’s? It’s gotten to the point that the truth in itself is radical. Particularly if it conflicts with the current PC propaganda that exists.
    We can lament the death spiral of our society by hiding in our insulated safe zones. And hope or pray that a leader will emerge who did not attend University.

  • just a thought

    How “dangerous” were the ideas of Edward Said?
    Our current president found them quite appealing, and have contributed strongly to his animus toward Israel.
    As to Twain, if that professor was giving them his “Letters From The Earth,” I can see some justification for their being upset.

    These are NOT materials a Conservative would use. I suspect there’s more going on here. I went and read what he alleges his “liberal” students said. Oh, he’s “liberal” all right. I don’t trust a thing he says.

  • just a thought

    OK, one more comment. I just came across this article on “Logicide,” or how education today is designed to manipulate the masses.

    Essentially, what it says is that Leftists don’t teach students to think critically, but instead manipulate them by teaching them lies designed to elicit emotional responses.That’s what Edward Said’s writings are. And, while Twain is usually thought of as Conservative, the works of his later life lurched so far to the Left and were so negatively feeling laden that they would also be very effective tools for destroying young minds. Based on that, I find the article very suspicious, because the message I get from it is…
    Leftists is fired because Leftist indoctrinated kids complained about
    his Leftist material, and to solve the problem we have to teach more Leftist

    Does that make sense to you?
    Sorry, BCF, but
    it looks like you’ve been had.

    See also here

    • just a thought

      ….or did I miss your implied “///sarc//”? 🙂

    • Minicapt
      • just a thought

        Did you read it, where the author accuses a “liberal” student (an older one, because a young one wouldn’t be so stupid) as follows…

        “An older student raised his hand. ‘What about Fannie and Freddie?” he asked. “Government kept giving homes to black people, to help out black people, white people didn’t get anything, and then they couldn’t pay forthem. What about that?”.”

        RIIIIIIIGHT! My guess, it never happened.

        He goes on…

        “The next week, I got called into my director’s office. I was shown an email, sender name redacted, alleging that I “possessed communistical [sic] sympathies and refused to tell more than one side of the story.” The story in question wasn’t described, but I suspect it had do to with whether or not the economic collapse was caused by poor black people.”

        Say WHAT?! That nonsense statement about black people causing the economic collapse is what the Left accuses us of saying, but he has it coming out of a liberal kid.


        And that is exactly the intent, to anger and confuse.

        Theyare getting really slick with their propaganda, layering many untruths and logical fallacies in a way that makes it difficult to point to what’s wrong, without explaining all that’s wrong. It rapidly gets too complex, which is by design.