Women’s rights mini skirt protest fizzles in Tunisia

Only a handful of women have answered a call by a Tunisian rights’ group to protest the repression of women in the Muslim world by demonstrating in mini skirts.

Saturday’s rally was organised by Tunisia’s League for the Defence of Secularism and Freedom in response to an online campaign in Algeria a week ago which called on Algerian men to not let women wear revealing clothes appear in public.

  • Kaye

    Sad, but not surprising really. I guess shrugging off centuries of oppression and the mindset it engenders is not easily accomplished. And they’ll get no help from their western feminist “sisters” of course, since the latter will never criticize islam.

  • Martin B

    Nine brave souls right there.

    • simus1

      Unlike our plodding, whinging, left wing cows being tightly led around by the nose by their marxist overseers. Those women are no doubt members of powerful secular families, perhaps even left wing themselves, but that does not make them bullet or bomb proof when muslim extremists are on the hunt.

  • P_F

    All this while Canadian women are celebrating ‘Hijab Day’.

    Shame on liberalized western women.