Win Win! ISIS terrorists ambush and behead 10 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

Extremists fighting for the Islamic State’s fledgling outpost in Afghanistan have brutally beheaded at least 10 Taliban members, as the bloody rivalry between the two Islamic terror groups intensifies.

The attack took place in a remote area in the eastern province of Nangarhar after ISIS jihadis intercepted at least a dozen Taliban fighters who were fleeing a gun battle with government troops.

The rival terror groups declared war on one another in April after the Afghan Taliban branded ISIS’ self-declared caliphate illegitimate and refused to declare allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIS responded by launching recruitment drives deep into Taliban territory, allowing them to expand rapidly – even reportedly replacing the Taliban as the dominant controlling force in one district.

  • Blacksmith

    Sure is hard to pick a side on this one……

  • Martin B

    Let’s have a beheading contest!
    3rd prize: a Koran
    2nd prize: a goat
    1st prize: a bacha bazi boy

  • Send in more knives.