Why business is booming under Islamic State one year on

Women look at shoes inside a shop in Raqqa, Syria Photo: REUTERS

The Syrian businessman was enjoying a much-needed holiday in Turkey when the phone call came from the tax inspector of the Islamic State.

His business partner in Raqqa had been arrested, the inspector told him, and he would not be released until his company paid the $100,000 (£65,000) it owed the “Caliphate”.

“They told me that because I have a lot of money, I have to pay my share,” said Ammar, whose asked that his real name not be used. “They analyse your income and take a percentage.”

As Isil works to establish its empire, the jihadists have become fastidious bureaucrats: imposing taxes, paying fixed salaries and imposing trading standards laws in a bid to create a healthy economy that will sustain their autocratic rule.

Yet despite brutal punishments for those who break the laws, many Syrian businessmen see Isil as the only option when compared to the anarchy that prevails in areas controlled by other rebels, including Western-backed groups…

  • cmh

    they’re allowed to wear shoes?????

    • just a thought

      Naw, that’s just a museum of Western decadence. “get caught wearing these, and we’ll burn you alive, witch.”

  • just a thought

    Even with beasts, we see the superiority of order over anarchy. How much more so with civilized men!

    • Uncle_Waspy

      Yeah….Allah-shmallah, at the end of the day it’s all about money and power.

  • DMB

    ISIS believes in redistribution of wealth under the pretense of “social (Islamic) justice” by dealing with “income inequality”. ISIS shares the same economic philosophy as many left wing socialists/liberals in the west. No wonder the left has such a love affair with Islam. They have so much in common with them. The only difference with ISIS is they see these issues through an Islamic prism by the enforcement of Sharia Law. http://www.socialjustice.org/index.php?page=economic-inequality

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Like the crabs in a bucket analogy it would seem that they also share a deep seated feeling of envy of success.
      However, I think it may be fed more by a culture built on bribes.

    • Clausewitz

      This explains a lot about Obama’s class warfare.

  • Preferring ISIS over anarchy says a lot and none of that is good.

    • Frau Katze

      No kidding.

    • UCSPanther

      It was the same when rural Peruvian peasants at first welcomed the Shining Path communists as a civilizing influence during the anarchy that followed the end of Peru’s era of military rule.

      Those people soon found out that living under the Shiners had a very steep price…