UPDATE: Turkey: Erdogan’s AK Party wins majority in overseas votes (nearly half voted AKP)

…Voters cast ballots in 54 countries; unsurprisingly, the most votes came from Germany, where over 474,000 Turkish citizens – or just under half the total number of voters worldwide – lined up to vote in the elections, according to data from Anadolu Agency.

In contrast, just 64 citizens made their way to a polling station in New Zealand to vote on May 31.

Turks in Germany voted 53 percent in favor of the AKP, while, mirroring the trend worldwide, second place went to the HDP with 17 percent.

The AKP was especially strong in Western European countries where there is a large Turkish diaspora, coming first in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Norway.

At the same time, voters in most Arab countries, particularly in North Africa, also opted for the ruling party…

Turkey uses a proportional voting system so this will enable them to form a majority government.

But they did not get the super-majority needed for the ‘presidential system.’

UPDATE: My mistake: I interpreted the article wrong. They meant only that AKP won a majority in the overseas votes alone.

The situation still stand as it was yesterday: The AK Party DO NOT have a majority.

  • The Butterfly

    Wild and crazy idea, but maybe Germans should live in Germany and Turks should live in Turkey.

    • just a thought

      Yes. It occurred to me that, ideally, now Europe should send them back to Turkey to live with the consequences of their choice.

  • Alain

    It appears there were lots and lots of dead people voting, which reminds me of Obama’s two elections.

    • JoKeR

      Maybe Erdogan hired ACORN to sign up voters?

  • cmh

    no surprise here eh? lol