Tory undermines police chief with carding stance

TORONTO – John Tory’s miraculous conversion on carding may win him support among the assorted left-wing politicians, community organizers and political has-beens that called for just such a move, but it raises critical questions about the mayor’s judgment.

Why, for example, would he choose to cut the legs out from newly-appointed Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders? Saunders, the city’s first black chief, has said he supports the controversial procedure that some claim is a form of racial profiling.

  • Barbara

    That is the vascillating Tory we all knew from Talk Radio. Trying to please everybody ……see how long that will work.

    • Exactly.

    • Gary

      true, I used to hear him do a 3 minute speech before a topic to show which sides he wasn’t on but didn’t say what he supported .
      The Buts and How Evers made it hard to follow what he stance was, he sounded like a CEO that feared making a choice so he didn’t make one which was still a free will choice to not choose a side .
      Look at the TTC , they run it as a Crisis-management or White-Knight business model to wait for things to go wrong because nobody will make a choice to improve or fix things.
      The idea is to make things so bad that the public will accept anything that is better than the status-quo which make the person that caused the crisis look like a White Knight that came in to rescue us.

      Don’t even mention the Gardiner because I heard about the big plans for it around 1968 from the Neighbour that worked at City Hall and said that a highway from Scarborough would be built to join it at the On ramp on the east Lakeshore entrance after Coxwell .

  • Martin B

    Two choices:

    a) Stand up to idiot activists & racial grievance mongers like a man.
    b) Kick your own police chief right in the nuts.

    Is anyone surprised Hizzoner chose the easy way out?

  • eMan14

    Well… he’d fit right in with the Liberal Party.

  • The__Hammer
  • jayme

    When the new top cop was named the left said he may look black but he is white in his heart because of policys.

  • FactsWillOut

    Am I to understand that many folk actually want cops to go around and randomly demand that people show them their papers?

    What is it with all these little Hitlers?