The Self-Appointeds: Who Put Them in Charge of Free Speech?

Something happened in America last week that cannot be passed over. There are two parts to it. The first is what happened. The second is what happened in response.

On Tuesday, June 2, a 26-year old man, Usaama Rahim, was shot and killed by a Boston Police officer and FBI agent. Boston Police and federal law enforcement sources say that Rahim, who made a living as a security guard, was under surveillance. Officials believe that he was radicalized by ISIS and was planning to behead someone. One name that apparently came up in his conversations was that of blogger and activist Pamela Geller. However, Rahim subsequently appears to have decided to target what he called in one conversation the ‘boys in blue’ (the police). On the basis of Rahim’s conversations, the police and FBI anti-terror investigators decided it was time to move in. When they did so, Rahim threatened them with a military-style knife, and after refusing to give it up, was shot dead by a police officer and FBI agent.

  • Leftist’s look like the fools over the issue of Islam.

    • Alain

      Excuse me but they not only look like fools but are fools. Furthermore it isn’t limited to the issue of Islam.

  • irishrus

    same people who put abortionists, teen sex-obsessed educators, climate change obsessed, vaccination childless Nazis, men haters, human rights college grads, and Wynne in charge of Ontario….twice…the end must be near

  • mobuyus

    There will be a position for erin burnett in the caliphate.

  • WalterBannon

    ever notice how the entire generation of millennials are all Self-Appointed Nazis running around looking for excuses to micro agress?

    This is why they will never be more in life than best buy store clerks. Still refusing to hire kids.