Pakistan: ‘Militants have nothing to do with Islam’

Members of Ulema Council endorses edict of Saudi Arabian clerics. PHOTO: INP

Lahore: Several scholars meeting under the aegis of Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) have endorsed the edict of Saudi Arabian clerics outlawing the use of phrases Jihad Fi-Sabilillah* and Qital Fi-Sabilillah**.

They have issued a fatwa saying: “Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) warned this Ummah not to exceed in extremes and stated that exceeding in affairs of religion is one of major reason for annihilation of erstwhile nations. It has also been stated in hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), ‘Beware of excesses in affairs of religion as people before you were ruined for excesses in religious matters.’”

They said some militant groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Hezbollah, considered the killing of innocent people jihad.

“In reality, there are limits defined for jihad in Islam. Killing people and destroying their properties based on personal opinions can’t be considered a righteous act”…

Hafiz-Ashrafi-Doughboy-400x300That’s Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Muhammad ‘Doughboy’ Tahir Ashrafi on the right.

We’ve reported on him before: here,  here (appearing drunk on TV),  here (favouring forced child marriage) and here (saying that a prohibition on underage marriage is un-Islamic).  

Jihad Watch also reports that the Ulema Council has approved suicide-martydom bombing.

*Fi-Sabilillah: For the sake of Allah
**Qital: armed fighting

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