Northern Italian towns are ordered to stop accepting migrants because the situation ‘is like a bomb ready to go off’, as 6,000 refugees are rescued in one weekend desperately trying to reach Europe

The Italian president of the northern Italian region of Lombardy has said he will no longer allow any migrants to enter the region following the huge rise in people trafficking to Italy.

In comments supported by other senior leaders in the region, Roberto Maroni, former leader of the right-wing Lega Nord, said he had told mayors and other officials in Lombardy to refuse the central government’s demand for the settling of migrants in the region.

Maroni, who has been the region’s president since February 2013, has reinforced his demand by threatening to cut the funding to any municipalities who disobey his banning order.

Veneto regional president Luca Zaia, has already shown his support for Maroni’s views. The fellow right-wing supporter said that the immigration problem was ‘like a bomb ready to go off.’

The news comes after European warships reportedly rescued up to 6,000 migrants in the Mediterranean, attempting to cross into Europe over the weekend…

  • Blind Druid

    Italy, Europe and the U.K. are lost. Can we not just watch and learn? Hello traitor Politicos.

  • Petrilla

    Note how rescue people are dressed, all in white protective gear, which looks alarmingly like Burkas! 6000 in a weekend. The inflitrators going from Tunisia to Kos, very short, are doing it in all the sorts of toys we used to have in our pool. British tourists having paid big bucks to holiday in Kos are now pictured in their bikinis looking askance at mostly men arriving beside them as they swim. I predict no more tourism for Kos.

  • Gary

    Canada got screwed b y the 2 boat loads of Tamils that supported the Tiger terrorist.
    With 7,000,000,000 people outside of canada and the UN telling usthat there are 40,000,000 refugees , how many does Justin and the NDP think is a fair number to let in to go on welfare …..200’00 , 700’000 , 1 million ?
    We currently have a crisis for the muslims that sue us after they get here and then go globe trotting on our passport and get in trouble. and blame us for not rescuing them fast enough.

    Maher Arar and Omar Khadr found their cash-4-life ticket to fund terrorism .

  • roccolore

    Too bad these “migrants” aren’t placed in the neighbourhoods of liberals who want Europe to let them in.