Hans Christian Andersen Grave Vandalised after Muslim Cemetery Attack

The grave of famous Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson was vandalised this weekend less than 24 hours after a Muslim cemetery was also desecrated in Copenhagen. Police have so far refused to link the incidents, but the nature of the vandalising does suggest a political motivation.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Andersen was one of the greatest political scientists.


  • HC Andersen’s short story The Emperor’s New Clothes should be required readings in all schools and universities at all levels – it is a perfect antidote to pc thinking.

  • Gary

    About 10 years ago I saw a Video made by a Mosque after their alleged vandalism that was never proven , in this video a Muslim MP took the mic said that the Quran allows for revenge attacks to defend islam , but allah is pleased when you choose peace.
    Whoa , muslims have to make a choice to note respond with violence if they want to please allah ??
    The MP cited the Quran which I bet the taqiyyah master will deny is there and clean that islam condemns and violence or revenged attacks. The Toronto-18 that CAIR supported as innocent , said they wanted to use truck bombs to slaughter close to 10,000 people in Toronto during lunch time on a nice day for the maximum kill of pedestrians . This was a Quranic Revenge attack in their eyes because Chretien sent our Troops into Afghanistan where they were killing fellow muslims.
    Forget that it was because 19 Muslims slaughtered 24 Canadian on 9/11/01 that were aided in that Country with training camps approved the the Muslim leaders .

    Justin and Wynne don’t get , they won’t stop at getting the 2 Mosques in Public schools or Halal compliant Lunch room. Any opposition to the spread of islam will be seen as an attack on islam and thus a valid target for revenge terrorism until we submit (islam) .

    Churches here are now being attacked by those Peaceful muslims CAIR speaks of , it will only get worse if we don’t set down OUR rules before islamists come here and just revoke their Citizenship when they choose to violate the rules to crusade for sharia on our soil.

  • mauser 98

    Lego next?

  • Diversity and so forth.

    Culture matters.