German anti-Islam PEGIDA makes surprise gains in first local polls

A PEGIDA rally in Dresden earlier this year

Frankfurt (AFP) – Germany’s anti-Islam PEGIDA movement took nearly 10 percent of the vote in mayoral elections in its eastern stronghold of Dresden Sunday, a better-than-expected result for a group whose weekly demonstrations have steadily dwindled.

In what was PEGIDA’s first appearance at the ballot box, candidate Tatjana Festerling came fourth in the city’s polls, sparked after the conservative mayor resigned for health reasons, with 9.6 percent of the vote.

The only opinion poll published ahead of the election, by the Technical University of Dresden, had predicted she would secure between just one and two percent of votes…

  • Gary

    Gotta hand it to those taqiyyah weasels , they label the Pro-Freedom groups and anti-islam .
    Too bad the slavery era wasn’t run by them to be a pro-jobs movement when the abolitionists tried to end it because they could have been called Anti-jobs haters and bigots.

  • bob e

    these people are very brave. the germans have closed access to a lot of
    their bank accounts. i cannot imagine that

  • Kathy Nelson

    Go for it PEGIDA. You may be one of the last efforts to rid your Germany of the disgusting social corrosion and economic devastation caused by that foul hypocrite Merkel. Freeing Germany of islamic violence and pollution is a critical step to recovery.