Evening photos: Rural life, US and Canada

A Luxuriant Autumn (Michigan) by Larry Farley. All of his photos may be seen here on Flickr.

OwlsNorthern Saw-whet Owl Chicks by Larry Farley (he has a lot of animal shots)

OntarioPatters of Gold (Ontario) by Larry Farley

DeerHiding in the Wild Flowers by Larry Farley

Texas-flowersTexas High Country Flowers by Larry Farley

Horse-BCCountry Life (BC) by Larry Farley

  • Gary

    I like that shot from Texas with the old style gas station pump , most people don’t know that Standard Oil lost money on the Remote station you see in movies that are near farms and get few cars.
    Rudolph Diesel and Henry Ford built their engines to run on Farm fuel as the early Hybrids where peanut oil or grain alcohol was a fuel for l farm equipment since gas stations were far away and it cost you the fuel to go there and back anyway .
    The Model T from 1908 to about 1918 had sold 10,000,000 copies, so Rockafeller had to put Ford out of business with the Hybrids and get them to depend on gasoline .
    He funded the Temperance Groups and had the ear of the Women married to a Politician with Power in Washington DC , next came the propaganda for the evils of alcohol and the damage to the Family unit .
    Standard Oil got its wish and Prohibition came in effect with a bit of a twist to it , the LAW made it illegal to have a Still and make it for the selling .
    The US Patent Office no longer mail-out the Plans to build a still as it was now illegal to have one, the Patents were useless and few tried to build on on their own .
    Once this was in place , Standard Oil kept building remote gas stations close to farm lands for the farmers use which then made the Hybrid pointless in the 1920’s.

    I laugh when the TTC boasts about the Diesel buses that have the NEW Bio-fuel mix to make them cleaner……the original Engine could have ran on the French Fry Oil from the McDonald’s near the Subway Station.
    The big question for t he TTC is why the hell are they NOT off the dirty Diesel fuel of today and 100% bio-fuel , the GO train is another farce by the NDP that want to create more Government Union jobs by going Electric to get away from Dirty-Diesel when the answer is to have Clean -Diesel .
    Where the hell does Peggy Nash think that all that Copper and other wires are going to come from?????? , they are Mined and created toxins while having a huge carbon footprint , plus the price of Copper will created crooks that steal it at night for the money as scrap.

    Typical NDP , build a Hospital near a dangerous part of the Highway with a sharp curve that causes accidents , rather than fix the Highway to stop accidents .

    • Frau Katze

      I thought the old-fashioned gas pump added a nice touch.

      Thanks for the extra info.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      Henry Ford knew the ecological side-damage that would result from using petroleum-based lubricants in the engine block…apparently he wanted to use Hemp Oil.

  • bob e

    the animals seem to be payin’ attention ..
    nice pics frau .. thanks