Chinese doctor who has already performed 1,000 head transplants in mice says monkeys are next

A Chinese surgeon who has performed 1,000 head transplants on mice has said he is moving up the food chain and monkeys are next.

Xiaoping Ren began working on mice in 2013 and considers himself the world’s leading authority on the type of surgery, with some of the mice living for up to ten days following the operation.

Following the operations, some of the mice have different coloured heads than their bodies.

  • Brett_McS

    Reminds me of one of my favourite books from childhood, which I re-read every now and then: That Hideous Strength.

    • I must say, these Chinese are scary – ethically.

      • Brett_McS

        They’re more “Mars Attacks!? crazy.

      • I wonder what Obama would look like with a rat’s head?

    • Petey

      All 3 in the series are great but my personal favorite was always Perelandra.

  • irishrus

    They’re all assuming the mouse trap position at least from the neck down…dead
    Looks like a cat’s purrrr of a dream

    • k1992

      Presumably paralysed from the neck down – but maybe that goes without saying.

      • irishrus

        meaning transplant did not work out very well

  • mauser 98

    Justin Trudeau / Kathleen Wynne………. the mind reels

  • pop

    Sadistic doctor. Naturally, monkey heads are next.

  • pop

    Isis doctors won’t like him.

  • ntt1

    Until the healing of spinal cord tissue is accomplished,this will be pointless vivisectionism and the total disrespect and waste of another life.i would say the Chinese doctors head needs some examining