#BoycottTims: Stephen Taylor, the man behind the hashtag, gives Tim Hortons free PR advice

Longtime conservative activist Stephen Taylor is crediting with starting the #boycottTims trend on Twitter but Taylor, a public affairs consultant, has some advice on how Tim Horton’s can turn this mistake and controversy around.

  • Glenfilthie

    If Canadian stupidity had a name – it would be Tim Fuggin Horton!
    Every morning those idiots line up from here to hell for their coffee and donut. They almost run down the elderly seniors in the parking lot because the wait invokes road rage in morons with attention spans measured in tenths of a second. Most of the staff are all imported coloureds that can’t speak English and are hired because they are the cheapest labour available… and suddenly the company that has become a ‘Canadian Institution’ is looking as ugly as the morons that patronize it.
    It’s COFFEE, morons. You brew the stuff at home! If ya set the timer on the pot it will be ready for you before you have to go to work, and you won’t have to chimp out in rage if some other idiot butts in line ahead of you in the drive thru! It’s not even good coffee!
    Boycott Tims??? The local Tims here is lucky I don’t burn their bechitted business down! Screw you, Tims!

    • DD_Austin

      Owned by Foreigners, Staffed by Foreigners, Crappy service, Crappy product, Don’t give a shit about their dupe customers, just give them lip

      You know it’s a “canadian institution” when you can’t tell whether your talking about the federal government or a foreign corporation

    • Clink9

      Yup. I really don’t get the attraction these maroons line up every morning and spend at least $1000 a year on coffee for their ride to work.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        We have a coffee pool at work.
        A can of Folgers every four weeks and we’re good.