‘Between the hammer and the anvil’ – how Isil has spelt doom for Iraq’s Sunnis

There were only three people in the village, and they were all dead. They lay amid the blasted roofs and blackened Humvees.

One was a skeleton: whatever had incinerated his vehicle, presumably a jet-fired missile, had stripped all the clothes and nearly all the flesh from the body.

One was headless; lest there be any doubt that this decapitation was a deliberate, post mortem act of vengeance, the man’s remains lay on his front, his trousers pulled down exposing his buttocks to the air, a traditional insult on the Iraqi battlefield.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The same handwringing liberals would be the first ones to jump up and scream should the Evil Americans or worse, the Nefarious Global Jew come to their defense. Oh well.

  • The Butterfly


  • mobuyus

    Where islam reigns the fly becomes the national bird.

  • Gary

    The fact that they are BROWN muslims being killed pretty well explains why GLAAD and NOW don’t have even 1 sign for # brown gay lives matter or # brown women lives matter .
    The only happy group in the USA is NAMBLA because under sharia they would have man2child sex sanctioned .

    Maybe Ben Levin will convert to islam in Prison to finally feel normal.

  • Kathy Nelson

    I never want to see a photo like this of islamic trash headed toward my country. I don’t care what color skin they have (irrelevant). Regardless of size, shape, color or gender, they are all an unacceptable menace.