The War of the Green Men

What if the world were at war and didn’t know it?

Such an idea seems preposterous.  Shouldn’t we know if we were in one? But the last major war in human memory was World War 2 which as this visualization shows  was so obviously devastating it actually constituted one of the ‘peak’ catastrophes of  the human species. It’s an outlier. To use The Big One as the semantic threshold would be to filter out the majority of conflict in history.

Since the ability to attack without actually triggering a response confers a distinct advantage, Russia has actually designed a form of warfare to evade the threshold of cultural psychology and avoid the detection of legalistic minds like president Obama’s.  The approach is called hybrid warfare.  ”Hybrid warfare is a military strategy that blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare and cyberwarfare. … By combining kinetic operations with subversive efforts, the aggressor intends to avoid attribution or retribution.”

  • DD_Austin

    Hasn’t read Kipling
    Hasn’t read Herodotus
    Hasn’t read Homer
    Hasn’t read shit

    Just another historically clueless foreign “journalist” reporting centuries old news because it’s new to him.

    Also we shouldn’t be taking advice from foreign losers and cut and runners

  • Hard Little Machine

    Everything you need to know was published in 1998 or 99 by the Chinese Army, the PLA in the form of a short book called ‘Unrestricted Warfare’. It’s freely available on the web and also in a bound version or eBook on Amazon. In it, two PLA officers describe what China plans to do, how it plans to do it, why they need to do this and who they will fight. It’s all there in clear English for anyone to read and understand. It is thoroughly researched and footnoted. Any American policy wonk in government who claims ignorance about how this will be China’s century is either a spy for them or is retarded.