The panic that dare not speak its name: Hillary looks like a loser to Dems

No Democrats are willing to go on the record with their doubts about Hillary Clinton’s electability – not even the gaggle of hopeless, sad-sack nominal opponents for the nomination: Lincoln “metric system” Chafee, Bernie “socialism now!” Sanders, and Martin “the guy who taxed rain” O’Malley.  But a shocking potential rival is waiting in the wings.

The realization is dawning on many in the jackass party that they have an unappealing, gaffe-prone, self-entitled, scandal-ridden presumptive nominee on their hands.


  • David Murrell

    Just finished reading “Clinton Cash” and it’s a real page turner. Highly recommended! But once President-designate Hillary gets into office, the pro-Democrat media cartel will forget about the cash-bribery going on. Look forward to Trudeau/Clinton leadership for four years. Ugh!

    • Waffle

      Ain’t going to happen — both are way, way past their respective due dates and both of them missed their boat. The avaricious public demands fresh blood! In the U.S, — you just wait and see — the coming thing will be “its” like Caitlyn Jenner and here in Canada, we also have our “its” — Kathy is just waiting in the wings to step into that big, gaping sink hole that Justin is about to leave.

    • In Libya she let 4 die.

      Would the Dems really put her in charge of national defence?

      Are they all f*cking nuts?

      • k1992


      • You bet.

      • mauser 98

        tens of thousands dead

    • ntt1

      I think you night be being a little despondent there, both of those parasite class twits are well into the process of destroying themselves. Trudeaus unquestioning support of the farcical T&A Commission will be his undoing as for Hillary it seems that daily revelations of corrupt cash trade into the Clinton foundation in exchange for special consideration will be hers above and beyond her incredible incompetence in the Benghazi debacle.

      • Frau Katze

        If the Dems find a credible alternative, she’s in trouble. In Canada, leftists are thinking of voting NDP rather Trudeau. But the U.S. doesn’t have such a third party.

        • Dana Garcia

          I can’t think of an alternative with any standing.

          CA Gov Jerry Brown who is now 77? Senate leader Harry Reid who claimed to have been injured by an exercise machine? The Democrat bench is embarrassingly slim.

          • Frau Katze

            People will vote for her anyway. That’s my guess.

          • Dana Garcia

            The hard-core Dem voters will. But her numbers are falling gradually but surely among independents. As a campaigner, she is a disaster. Memories of the reason for her loss to Obama are returning.

      • WalterBannon

        “the farcical T&A what?”

        …says the liberal useful idiot as he/she marks its ballot for Trudope

        • ntt1

          can’t see you backing the T&R road show but if you do turdo la doo is the boy for you.

    • That is scary.

    • mauser 98

      Trudeau/Clinton/Wynne ?

  • zee

    They have a proven winner they can call on. Jimmy Carter’s still eligible for one term 🙂

    • JoKeR

      Jimmy (I hate those uppity Jews) Carter…..

  • JoKeR

    And she always has Bill to bring in the money

  • Justin St.Denis

    Optics tell another story about Hillary, my wife points out. And she has a few questions.

    “Why is Hillary – despite prevailing weather conditions – always dressed in what amounts to body armour? More upholstered than dressed, what is hidden beneath the self-shaping outfits? Medical devices, perchance, or just a shrivelled old woman?”

    “Would Hillary’s appearances be so over-managed to alleviate the pressure on Hilary herself? Does Hillary suffer some neurological disorder that prevents her appearing in unscripted scenarios? Having already had one stroke, is Hillary actually healthy enough to be able to make a five-year commitment to anything?”

    Wondering wondering wondering……….

    • ntt1

      its her scales and spines , icke was right at least in the case of the clintons

  • Tokenn

    It’s amazing that there are only total gawdhelpus types lining up for a run at the US presidency, although the Dems are worse than the Reps. I believe the top spots in the US government are now a kind of single musical chair where nobody with sense wants to sit down.

    It seems to me that the US is approaching the stage of a banana republic that requires a decade or two of military dictatorship to be put back on the rails. But the US is too big for that…

    • When you have to raise a Billion to run for President then you no longer have a democracy.

    • Samuel

      Conspiracy theorists would denounce a military dictatorship let alone a military take over of the US government. The US is too big to fail.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She is running AS a beleaguered incumbent. She’s smart enough to let these other morons peak early. No one has the money and the staying power of Hilllary. I mean how many times can Bernie Sanders say “Free Shit For Everyone” and still be able to run a national campaign the next 18 months?

  • Brett_McS

    Hillary’s presidential run is the Republican’s camp-fire horror story. It’s scary but also entertaining because it’s not quite real and she’s sucking up all the Dem’s money.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Every American friend/contact I have admits to a deep and abiding loathing of Hillary Clinton, and they are not all “conservative” types like me.

  • Helios Megistos
  • Observer

    I understand the party had to change the original logo proposed for her campaign

  • Frau Katze

    Good chance she’ll make it anyway. There’s no other Dem (at the moment). Lots of lefties will vote Dem no matter what.

  • Gary

    I loved this photo because she was coached to show up like some frail grandmother with grey hair , coke bottle glasses , and the ugly dress like some colour-blind 50+ teacher .
    Take a look at her now as she tries to look youthful and sane .

    • UCSPanther

      The funny part is that Hillary the Hag looks the same now as she did back in the 1970s…

  • mauser 98

    recent big turn out for Bernie Sanders, O’malley whatshisname in Iowa meetings
    …..some knives being sharpened somewhere

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The proposal that former mayor Bloomberg run against Hillary is something I favor. Sure, he is a political nanny, but at least he got positive results without blowing his horn over them.

  • Clausewitz

    I think Scott Ott has the final word on Killary……….