Radicalization of Islam meets Radicalization of Blindness – For the left, Islam is the future.

“Before leaving for Erbil, some of my friends made fun of me. The radicalization of Islam meets the radicalization of the blindness that does not want to see anything, knows nothing, hears nothing. Christianity is mistakenly identified with Western imperialism, and Islam with the revolt of the oppressed. The first is an accomplice of absolute evil, the second is an eternal innocent.”

  • JoKeR
  • Frau Katze


    According to Bruckner, there are many reasons for this silence: “The lack of vitality of the West, our civilization that is over, as at the end of the Roman Empire. And the left has lost everything: communism, Third World, working class in Europe, and there is only Islam, messianic as communism, and a mirage, the promise of the oppressed. For the Left, Islam is the future”.

    Bruckner is skeptical about the future of this war: “The attack on Charlie Hebdo is a chapter of this war, as are Copenhagen and Brussels. It is a low intensity war that we can lose if we do not have the strenght to fight it. All means are good: intimidation, murder, censorship and the useful idiots of the far left.”

    It is a battle between the civilization of life and that of death. “The jihadists say ‘we love death as you love life’, the same cry of Fascists ‘viva la muerte’.”

    “But then we answered ‘no pasaran’, while today the cry is met with silence. It is an Islamic fascism we must oppose, a new resistance we must form. It will take decades to see the end of this war. But first we must admit that we are at war.”

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      We have no trouble seeing it.
      Liberals won’t.