Former ‘Your Black Muslim Bakery’ associate sentenced for passport fraud

OAKLAND — A former Your Black Muslim Bakery associate still on probation for a 2013 conviction in a real-estate fraud scam was sentenced Friday to six months of home detention and a $2,000 fine for conspiring to commit passport fraud.

Jamall Joseph Delmore Robinson, 29, was indicted by a federal grand jury in December, was arrested in Los Angeles in January, then pleaded guilty in March. Prosecutors said that he and others lied to get him a baptismal certificate from an Oakland church; used that certificate to get a bogus birth certificate and driver’s license; then used those to seek a passport in the name of “Joseph Hovey Calhoun Jr.” in 2013…

…The now-defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery, based on San Pablo Avenue in North Oakland, long was thought to be a community organization that empowered young black men, but eventually it was exposed as part organized-crime family and part cult, with crimes from fraud to murder attributed to its many members…

The bakery even has its own Wikipedia entry.

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