Stamford man calls 911 after 3-hour standoff with his cat

He probably had it comin…

Mama Cat’s Reaction to Newborn Puppy

  • Waffle

    What’s with all these late night/early morning cat calls? First the idiot teen who climbs a tree to rescue her kitten, who will find his way down when he gets hungry enough (and they always do). Hope the FD sends her a big fat bill.

    And now this Stamford man — I’m afraid we’re not getting the whole picture here. Since when does a cat have a litter of one???? Were’t there others? What happened to them? Was this poor puss being “overprotective” of her one(probably) remaining offspring. Cats do not “go crazy” without a reason.

    • Lots of weirdness goin on!

      • Frau Katze

        Maybe the guy was on drugs?

  • MannieP
  • I think a 911 call would be warranted if the cat was the size of a walrus.

    How did the mother dog feel about her pup being absconded?

  • Achmed

    The Palestinian Intelligence Agency discovered it was a Mossad cat! No wonder he was terrorised!!!

  • warrenzoell

    What a pussy.