Obama under pressure to release secret pages of 9/11 report ‘showing Saudi Arabia financed attacks’

The Obama administration is facing renewed pressure to release a top secret report that allegedly shows that Saudi Arabia directly helped to finance the September 11 attacks.

Rand Paul, the Libertarian Republican senator from Kentucky, is demanding that Mr Obama declassify 28 pages that were redacted from a 2002 US Senate report into the 9/11 attacks.

Mr Paul, who been vocal in attacking the bulk NSA spying programmes revealed by the rogue security contractor Edward Snowden and is running for president in 2016, has now promised to file an amendment to a Senate bill that would call on Mr Obama to declassify the pages.

The blacked-out pages, which have taken on an almost mythical quality for 9/11 conspiracy theorists, were classified on the orders of George W. Bush, leading to speculation they confirmed Saudi involvement.

  • Jan Morrissy

    Saudi Arabia is likely behind all the fundamentalist islamism that is causing so much pain in the world.
    That picture of Obama bowing like an idiotic Uncle Tom makes me feel sick. I can’t wait until he (and anyone that would continue on this path) is gone!

    • just a thought

      Split 50-50 between Sado Arabian and Iranian demons. They are bitter rivals, each believing the other’s islame is wrong, each without the faintest clue that they both are.

    • The next President would be wise to weed out every hire, every appointee, and every Obama supporter they can find from the federal bureaucracy.

      • just a thought

        Probably easier to just fire everyone, and start from scratch. Vetting everyone would be a massive waste of time. Even if there were any who were honest and competent, they would be too few to justify the effort of looking for them.

      • Zaba

        And then do what with them……..?

        • Minicapt

          Postings to Fairbanks, Alaska; summertime water census for the EPA, wintertime polar bear census and DNA hair collection for giggles.


    • Zaba

      They do spend 2 Billion $$ each year in the US promoting wahabism.

  • mauser 98

    Barry under pressure? ..c’mon

  • Clausewitz

    9/11 was fundamentally progressed by the Wahhabi sect of Islam. Tell me again where we find these shit stains on the map.

  • Brett_McS

    Perhaps he will release the documents … now that the Saudis are getting together with Israel.

    • just a thought

      If he could have slandered Bush with them, I think that O’Bozo wouldn’t have hesitated to make them public knowledge long ago.

  • pop

    Obama, is one of the worst politicians Ive watched.

  • cmh

    The Bush family is also involved in keeping the truth hidden about the JFK assassination. The Bush’s have much more political and financial power than Pres Obama has or will ever have.

    • cmh

      …and in addition, if and when the redacted info is made public it will have already been thoroughly scrubbed.

  • bob e

    the mosques all over the world are the product of the west’s own stupidity ..
    nice of bush to say “islam means peace” as the fires of 9/11 waft in his nostrills ..
    christ .. did all the assholes line up for a twenty year span to be american presidents ??
    now if i were the president of this land .. the saudi’s would be an oil emerate of the united states .. if i allowed them to exist at all ..

    • Nuke Mecca.

      • just a thought

        Only if they also take out Tehran, since ridding the world of Mecca is a Shiite goal. If they do that, then I’m all for it.

    • just a thought

      Say what they will about Nixon, he was ready to invade Sado Arabia when they refused to sell oil to us. Not going to find stones like that on anyone today, I’ll wager.

      • bob e

        right you are mate .. one more day of bombing on hanoi & there would be no hanoi today
        .. or n vietnam either. nixon no shit from nobody ..

  • bob e

    looks like barry o’fraud is about to gobble up a 1/4 inch saudi minarette ..