New York: Crime hike may spoil Bill de Blasio’s plan

The underlying tension of the de Blasio mayoralty is about to explode.

Bill de Blasio ran for City Hall by relentlessly charging the NYPD with racism for its stop, question, and frisk practices. He embraced the anti-cop left’s central thesis: That police actions that have a disparate impact on minority communities are per se racist.

Yet de Blasio also knew that his hope for higher office depended on keeping crime in New York down, knowledge that led to the appointment of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

De Blasio’s dilemma is the following: Any method of data-driven policing will inevitably have a disparate impact on minority communities, because that is where the overwhelming majority of victimization occurs.

Blacks commit 78% of all shootings in the city, according to victims of and witness to those shootings, even though they are only 23% of the population. Whites, who are 34% of the population, commit under 2% of all shootings. Add Hispanic shootings, and you account for 98% of all gunfire in the city…