Muslim brotherhood groups supporting pro Muslim Brotherhood MPs in Canadian elections

Canada has been home to Muslims for decades now, most of them are immigrants and very few been born and brought up in the country. Muslim population showed evidentiary existence even prior to Canadian confederation. According to 2011 National Household survey Canada homes around 1,053,945 Muslims making about 3.2% of the entire population. Islam is the second largest religion followed in Canada after Christianity. Islam is also the fastest growing religion on the foreign soil. With the sentiment of harmony, peace and respectful existence the sentiment of resentful vengeance is seen taking roots in thisIslamic population.

Considering Canada’s role in curbing extremist activities on international and national level there have been attacks on its soil with intention of reprisal and hindering peace. Canada has been a part of the core coalition that is in action on breaking down the IS extremists in Syria and Iraq, during this period of time the peaceful nation has seen attacks on its own integrity too. There have been attacks carried on the Canadian soil that demanded change of immigration policies of the country. Radical mosques and leaders came into light who have been defacing the harmony in Canada. Planned attacks have been averted due to alertness of the law enforcement agencies.